About this mod

Sunshine is a farm like no other.

Permissions and credits
Hello all and welcome to another one of my settlements

This settlement by level 3 will have room for 35 settlers. 

The purpose of this settlement is food and water. 

It is a farm with a little vault bunker under it. That is correct under it and the player can access it. Look in the bathroom for entry. 

Are you looking for a farm that will act as a real law friendly base for your next playthrough then this place has you covered? 

Want to smuggle out synths, it can help with that.

Want a sleeper base for your brotherhood that supplies food and water to the airport it can help with that. 

Want a well-defended key location to this area of the map flying the blue flag of the minutemen. Yes, it too covers this need. 

It can also work really well for the institute as it could easily be a honeypot trap for escaping synths.

To make sure it all works as it should the following are required: