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A StoryWealth Location. A patch that makes Diamond City Expansion, Fourville, The Bleachers 2 and Sim Settlements 2 work together nicely.

Moves a few items around, regenerates Precombines where needed and make sure the Navmesh works nicely together.

Permissions and credits
A StoryWealth Location - Diamond City

A patch that makes Diamond City Expansion, Fourville, The Fens Sheriff's Department - Bleachers 2 and Sim Settlements 2 work together nicely.

This together with the extra ambience added in the Diamond City Ambience mod by Zorkaz as well as the fixes from the Diamond City Expansion - eXoPatch.

Version 3.1.0 adds Loaded Bases to the equation!

Required Mods

Load Order
Make sure that DiamondCity-PreVis.esp loads after any other mod that touches Diamond City.

Spacedroner for creating Sim Settlements 2 - The Bleachers A Diamond City Story - Cosmetic Patch and for giving free permission to use your work.
statsmakten for creating Diamond City Expansion.
Seddo4494 for creating Fourville.
MunkySpunk for creating The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story.
kinggath for creating Sim Settlements 2.
Zorkaz for creating Diamond City Ambience.
CSEPteam for creating CSEP Presents Loaded Bases - Quest Mod.
Cthulhu And Me for creating Varied Diamond City Guards and letting me use the new guards.