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These city plans are for the "A StoryWealth" Mod Collection.

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These city plans are designed to work with the A Storywealth Mod Collection. 

City Plan Pack 1:
Red Rocket
Abernathy Farm
Tenpines Bluff
Starlight Drive In
Hangman's Alley
Sunshine Tiding Coop
Oberland Station

Pack 2 
Outpost Pack
Add an extra 100% (SS2 recommended amount) to the settlement budget at the workbench  to avoid plots having missing items or plots not appearing.

Q - My plots are not working correctly or the plan doesn't match yours, what's up with that?
A - Due to the high amount of scripts running in SS2 anything can happen that can cause plots not to work, even power lines sometimes won't work. You can use the city planner desk to run power lines and refresh city plans.

Q - What is going on with Covenant?
A - So the turrets the settlement starts with is something that is kind of "hardcoded" into the settlement and can only be removed using the INSERT button for the select extras mode and then delete them. Depending on which side you take in the quest for the settlement it can make the original turrets hostile, so be aware of that.

Q - Do I need to use the A Storywealth Collection to use these city plans?
A - No they can just be used with vanilla SS2.

Q - Do I have to download every addon?
A - Yes