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A Start Me Up dialogue compatibility patch for Sim Settlements 2 (Currently Unfinished)

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Yes, Chapter 3 is released, but I'm very busy at the moment, the patch will be completed soon when I've got my chance to play a whole new game with SS2.

We all know that at least dialogue and story-wise, Start Me Up is not compatible with Sim Settlements 2 as it still refers to the canonical Nate&Nora. Who has a dead spouse and kidnapped son. However with Start Me Up, You can also play as another Vault 111 Dweller who accidentally got released instead of being Shaun's parent, and a nosy wastelander who stumbled into a vault and decided to investigate what
happened there.

The actual Start Me Up mod itself is actually functional with Sim Settlements 2 as long as you don't use level-up option at the start. I've also been editing Start Me Up script to fix some of the bugs and oversight which improves stability and some compatibility to other mods as well. and it's time for me to make a dialogue compatibility patch for Start Me Up

Update 1.3beta 20/02/2022 On hiatus, will return to work on it when CH3 is released.

The reason I'm releasing an unfinished beta version

It's because Sim Settlements 2 is a huge mod, not to mention that now that Chapter 2 is out, there are going to be a lot of dialogues I must edit to make it compatible. I'm making this project known to public as a way to crowd-sourcing dialogue combing through Sim Settlements 2. As the fact, going through quests presented in the mod to find references that should be altered for alternate start/story is a tedious start.

So, If anyone has played Sim Settlement 2 and wants to support this project, I'd love you to help reporting me quests and moments in the mod which contains the dialogues that refers to :

1. First Category Refers you to having a son, kidnapped son, wife, husband, Shaun. [This references will be altered or removed for
"Another Vault-Dweller" start]

2. Second Category Refers you as pre-war, vault dweller, frozen or anything of this sense [These references will be altered or removed
for "Wastelander" start, and including the first one]

Current Edited Quests
1. Casting a Line (Altering the references to having a son in alternate start, giving alternate explanation for pip-boy for wastelander start)
2. Memory Lane (Removing reference of you having a son in alternate start)
3. Mansfield's Idle/Greeting/Misc Dialogue (removing a line of him asking you if you're in a vault if you don't start in a vault)
4. Jake's Idle/Greeting/Misc Dialogue
5. Jake's radio to his daughter

Dialogue determination is done by global value as of original Start Me Up mod.

Current Issues (Other than missed/unedited dialogues)

Some voice lines are still choppy. for example, if you chose to tell Jake that 'Someone gave me my Pip-Boy'. Sentence arrangement may not seem the most sensible especially for Wastelander start. This is simply because I have to work with Player's characters limited voice files and SS2 characters with even more limited voices too.