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Some volunteers set up a camp with old planes to house, care for and equip the homeless.

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Volunteers set up a camp at the Boston airport.
They salvage old planes to create a safe place to house, care for and equip the homeless.When the guys are strong, they offer them to join a settlement to rebuild the commonwealth.

  • This settlement is notorious for not recruiting settlers, so you'll have to send them, that's the point, it's a refuge for the homeless you'll encounter in the Commonwealth.
  • You need to think about expanding the settlement's budget :workshop-->manage-->configure build limits 
  • It is a leveled city plan, so you have to be patient between each level. If you are not patient there is an optional file that offers the last level plan completed.
  • If you want the same decor as on the pictures and video, you should have some sim settlements 2 Addon installed ( You have the links below).
  • On the first level, you will have a cat.
  • In the second level, you will have a dog.
  • On the third level, you will get a cat and a dog.
  • So, it's crazy but at the last level you will have 2 cats and 2 dogs. (34 beds,37 food,40 water)

The addons I used :