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Reasonably minimalist city plan for Tenpines. Settlement supports 9, 11 and then 15 inhabitants at L1/2/3. There is a caravan at L0/1.

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The idea for this city plan was to build up around an Inn. It is still relatively minimalist, without a ton of clutter. Population supported is 9 settlers at L1, 11 at L2 and 15 at L3. The caravan plot is available at L1. The Inn itself supports 2 commercial plots, 2 recreational plots and 5 residential upstairs. Levelling the plan should be reasonably straight-forward, though there may be some minor challenges getting all the requirements met to keep the happiness up. Once you get to L3, the settlement should sustain itself without much need for outside resources.

Plot list and additional info can be found in this google doc.

Many thanks to the Sim Settlements team and all the plot addon authors for their awesome work.