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The Slog is a safe haven for those who’ve been actively treated as “other”, so why not build a beautiful home here in a safe place for those who wish to support the cause, but not actively fight?

Permissions and credits

This plan has a player home and is survival playthrough friendly
The following plot types are included at level 3: 
2 Agri, 2 Comm, 1 Indust, 2 Martial, 1 Muni, 5 Rec, 8 Res


DO NOT download this plan without reading the required 21 mods list (under the graphic) below↓ 

This is NOT a leveled plan.

As these plans are intended to be a bit smaller and we are going for overall load order balance, I made the other plans leveled with an optional Level 3 Only plan. However, this plan is NOT leveled and is ONLY level 3. The focus is still on the player home/apartment with the idea that the folks in these settlements aren’t capable of actively participating in a war with the Gunners.

There’s no place like home:

As the leader of your own faction, you spend all of your time on the road. Traveling to rally the smaller settlements, ensuring their safety and production/training capacity comes with the benefit of home spaces you want to spend more time in. Afterall, there’s no place like home.

Series Mod List and Locations

Every series, I choose a modlist to adhere to. Occasionally, a new one gets added, or in testing plans I discover one needs to go. After 6 plans, it was time to switch it up. There are two new mods on this list - plus the CC content. A few have been removed from the former list.
This series will be my last official release for a while. I’ll be taking a break to do some modding this Summer. This is the last plan in this series.

The locations for this series are all modded and are:
✔ Fiddler's Green Settlement - With Immersive Repairing
✔ Lake Cochituate Village Settlement
✔The Slog Deep Clean and Remodel
✔ We Can Live In - Rock Island Lighthouse

I like to build with mods! Afterall, we’re on a mod site! 
New series, new list. I’m using some CC content because I enjoy it and wanted to enjoy mods that have either been sitting on the shelf, or are new and exciting. 

The Slog Deep Clean and Remodel Hard Requirement.

Manual Install Requirements
      19. CWSS Necessary. Working bathrooms and kitchen sinks at several locations. Choose the file from Steve40s Nexus Page 
      20. V’s Stylish Decor Hard Requirement. Author Download link at bottom of page. Requirement
      21. Creative Clutter Essential.
      22.Noir Penthouse Workshop Hard Requirement for just the SLOG

CC Content Requirement: Yes, I know. But this one CC mod makes such spectacular player home goodness when combined with Dmananding’s Workshop mod.

      23. Noir Penthouse. Hard Requirement for just the SLOG


*What You Should Be Using
Settlement Menu Manager You should absolutely be using this

These will not take up slots - so use them
SMM Patches by Vanguard (Declutter your workshop menus) Grab the file for Renovated Furniture.
Business Settlements Categorized - highly recommended  

Not Required, but to get my look - will use no slots: 
Clean and Optimized Wood Texture Replacer for Shacks and Greenhouses Wood Replacer - Shacks and Greenhouses 2K (there is a 1k version)
Clean Barns - Replacer, Vanilla Windows Only
Clean Warehouses - Windows and Holes Patched
EoW - Pre-War Books Retexture - Changes all book covers in game. Great way to improve the vanilla clutter assets.

For those who are comfy at Discord:
Elm Shrub Hider by FrogPrincess - Available only on Discord under my-misc-mods. This one is just handy. Removes these shrubs (that are often in the way or stick up through floors) from the world.  

To see what else I use in my load order, peek at my recommended list below. There’s some goodies in there.

You’ll want to have Designer’s Choice and Starting Plot Levels ON for these plans to build as designed. This list of Add-Ons are what I will use for the foreseeable future. Occasionally, a new one will be added. Those with bullets are used in this specific plan.

Jampads 2 - a Sim Settlements 2 Add-on
SimHomestead 2 - A SimSettlements 2 addon
Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack Caravan Snatex
Sim Settlements 2 - Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack
Sim Settlements 2 - Far Harbor Expansion
Sim Settlements 2 - From Sanctuary to Concord - Building Plans Module
Sim Settlements 2 - Pra's Random Addon 2 
Sim Settlements 2 - Tiny Living
SS2 Addon - Bare Essentials  
SS2 Superstructures - A Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack 
SS2 Support Structures of the Wasteland (Add-on Pack)

I want to thank Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for filling my secret gaming life with thousands of hours of fun and adventure! And a special thank you to that bunch of scrappy builders and kind moderators over at We Are Builders.

Note: Inevitably, in all city plans, minor issues arise some of the time with no clear consistency. There are just so many scripts. It just happens. So let’s do a quick checklist: 

  • Do you have settlers standing around in clumps doing nothing? Scripts + ‘too many settlers’ (turrets and spotlights count as ‘settlers’) is the likely reason. Consider using THIS awesome extra mod ‘More NPCs’ by Gorgulia. You do not need Realistic Convos. 
  • Power. It likes to break. 

  • Start by grabbing any plot displaying the unpowered icon and then let it go -  to snap back into place. This resets the plot and usually forces it to find the radiant power. In testing, this almost always works.

Sometimes plots don’t build as intended. Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason, but I’ve noticed some locations are worse than others. In testing the Slog was fine. However, if you do have issues, you might consider: 
  • Are the plots unlocked? 
  • If the plan got stuck, you won’t be able to build the correct plot, even if there are two and one didn’t build. I’m afraid the only way to get a plot you don’t yet have unlocked is to cheat and unlock them all. You can use the holotape or drop a desk and find it there under tools/cheats/etc.

Other, valuable mods I have installed:
Boston Natural Surroundings I just love the new beta. I’ll worry about Winter later.
Climbable Ladders for Settlements Make it possible to do so much more. And so cool.
Settlement Activity Markers These provide more things for settlers to do (in addition to some important assets) While the markers don’t export in City Plans, they can be used in game to liven up your settlements! 
Settlement Tidy Bot to rid yourself of those pesky bodies and skeletons! 
Videos of the Wasteland Fun to have and I leave spaces in all of my plans for the

Painting Replacers  

Just want to switch out some of those ugly vanilla paintings? I download all of these and make one folder with the replacements that I prefer. It’s a nice mix that provides variety.
Bob Ross Happy Little Paintings
New Paintings for Player Home
More Paintings for the discerning homemaker
Pickman Paintings Replacer Another Option
I use a few of the SFW Atom Bomb Pinups as well - most are NSFW, but I manually chose a few replacers that are more cheeky and less nakey.

V's Stylish Decor My Beds
Renovated Furniture MYBEDs

UNDRCVR There's No Place Like Home Fiddler's Green
UNDRCVR There's No Place Like Home Lake Cochituate
UNDRCVR There's No Place Like Home Rock Island Lighthouse

UNDRCVR Simply Settled Lakeside Cabin Homestead
UNDRCVR Simply Settled North Point Park
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Ruined Church 
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Fairline Outpost

UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Taffington 
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Nahant RR 
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Abernathy 
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Jamaica Plain 
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Starlight 
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses RR Player Home

UNDRCVR MODestly Settled 2023
UNDRCVR MODestly Settled 2022

UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge Jamaica Plain
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Taffington
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Hangman's Alley

UNDRCVR Simply Settled City Plans 2022
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Mechanist's Lair 
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Nuka Rocket Hotel 
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Graygarden
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Castle 
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Greentop