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A SimSettlements 2 Addon

Homesteaders - settlers willing to invest a little more time and energy in their homes. There has been a certain stability brought to the Commonwealth, and the homesteaders are looking to rebuild more than simple shacks and rickety wooden structures.

Permissions and credits
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BETA - No Custom Vendors implemented yet

Homesteaders addon aims to bring a bit more solidity and stability to the settlement homes.


Requires Version 1.0.7 or Greater of Sim Settlements 2
and Far Harbor DLC

Contents (Newest changes in yellow)

New Interior Plots:
  • Agricultural Hydroponics Farm - produces 3/9/15 food at a cost of 2/4/6 power
  • Commercial Brothel (Choice Only plan - won't randomly build)
  • Commercial "Prime Meats" - Butcher L1 (Custom Meat & BBQ Vendor)
  • Commercial "Bar None" - Bar L1 (Custom Bar Vendor w/a few signature cocktails)
  • Industrial "Water Recycler" - L1 provides 33% purified water, L2: 66%, L3: 100% 
  • Industrial "Glass Recycler"  - Produces mostly glass, some crystal, some ceramic, and rarely fiber optics.
  • Industrial "Explosives Lab" - Produces some Molotov Cocktails, a few grenades and some experimental explosives for settlement.
         - Fixed missing patchwork metal walls

New Homes:
  • 2 Brick Houses (13 Level 1 variants, 4 Level 3 variants)
  • Park House w/Gardens 

New Shops:

  • Masonry Store (General Vendor)
  • Butcher L1 (Custom Meat & BBQ Vendor), Deli L2 (Custom Deli Vendor w/14 new food items!) 

New Industrial

  • Gravel Pit (Provides cement and occasional rare minerals)
  • Herbal Shop (L1) / Drug Factory (L2) (Provides herbs, and at L2 consumer drugs)

New Martial
  • 2x2 Heavy Tower (Beta L3) -- Beta: mounted minigun is unusable currently
  • 2x2 Gatehouse (L1/L2)
  • 1x1 Sniper Tower 

New Recreational:

  • Interior Brothel
  • Roman Bath  -- L2 and L3 - slowly heals rads and health
  • Aquarium
    • Requires a little bit more food than a Residential plot (to feed the creatures) but provides a little meat: Angler, Haddock, Mackerel, Hermit Crab, Fog Crawler. 
    • Random aquarium creatures and occasional floating dead fish.

New Agricultural:

  • Fish Farm (Provides Mackerel, Haddock, and Prawns and Hermit Crab meat). 
    • New Recipes: Seafood Chowder, Prawn Kabob,Haddock Kabobs, Grilled Haddock, Braised Mackerel
    • Level 3 Adds Custom Fishmonger Vendor
    • Harvestable Fish Nets
    • Fishmonger sometimes sells Fish Bones, Fish Glue and Fish Fertilizer

New VIP Stories: 0

New Craftable:
Harvestable Fish Nets - Provides Mackerel, Haddock, and Prawns and Hermit Crab meat

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Randomized Interiors: Yes


Modder Props: 
  • Mortar Mixer
  • Haddock Kabob
  • Prawn Kabob

Future Plans/Ideas:

  • Apiary - bee farm - honey/sugar/recipes
  • Rain Catcher Water Plant
  • Recreational Park/Garden
  • Auto/Motorcycle Repair Shop
  • Home Furnishings Store
  • Bakery/Food processing related
  • Undertaker - gather and auto-loot settlement bodies, place loot in container
  • ???

Thanks to: