Fallout 4

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Harbor themed city plan for Dalton Farm, April 2022 CPC entry

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Welcome to Port Dalton!
Port Dalton is a city plan for Dalton Farm turning it into a port for all things coming on and off the island of Far Harbor. From steel being imported to Vim being exported, it all comes through here. While FAr Harbor is a nice town it is too small and lacks the infrastructure to do trade in any real volume besides a supply stop to those passing through. Port Dalton is a place for ships to do actual trade with the new developing settlements on Far Harbor.

Player home, with all vanilla workbenches, including a Nuka Mixer, at level 3.
A bar that upgrades at all three levels.
Supports 20 settlers at level 3, 15 at level 2, and 10 at level 1.

Requires Sim settlements 2 and the The big DLC's.