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Makes automatron modifications affect their SPECIAL stats for Sim Settlements 2 plots.

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  • Mandarin
If you have used the Vit-O-Matic from Sim Settlements 2 on Automatron robots, you will have noticed that they have all very low SPECIAL attributes, usually 1 or 2. This is because SS2 resets them after the robot has been built, in order to normalize their rather arbitrary vanilla stats.

This mod does the following changes:
  • Sets the basic automatron robot attributes to 2.
  • Prevents SS2 from rerolling a newly-built robot's attributes.
  • Makes certain existing robot modifications boost some of the robot's attributes. See "Optional Downloads" for a full list.
  • Adds new somewhat expensive modifications (under Torso->Misc) to give the robot a +10 to one specific attribute.
  • Adds the Protectron Vendor voice type from SS2 as a buildable voice module. Robots outfitted with it will have proper vendor and even doctor dialogue, and recieve +5 charisma. This voice module will also prevent the robot for asking you about becoming a companion.
  • The new robot modifications can also be bought from certain vendors, if you lack the resources or the perks to craft them.

This mod modifies the base robot record from Automatron, as well as a lot of the vanilla Automatron robot modifications. Therefore, it will conflict with any other mods which also modify that.
This does not modify the recipes of either the base bot, or any of the vanilla modifications. Such mods should be fine.