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A Minutemen Outpost stationed for quick deployment on the railway to protect trade routes.

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The settlement design was inspired from a vanilla outpost of similar design (mostly noted at level 1). The original design was to get the most use out of the fenced area of the settlement and over time as the minutemen grew, settlers came and expanded further, bringing trade, stores and more people willing to lend a hand.

The settlement is primarily made up of 1x1 and interior plots to keep with the 'compact' idea of the settlement.


For whatever reason when designing this plan the settlement gained 2 additional beds that I could not find even after scrapping everything. If there's not enough beds there's room at all levels for further expansion.

The settlement will need to take advantage of the caravan lines after level 1 for food primarily and the defense despite my efforts does not cover the junk storage defense requirement. Higher tier defenses (advanced and hi-tech) may be able to cover it with the base design.

Settlement Overview

Level 0 (Foundation) - Up to 7 settlers. 1 Interior residential, 1 1x1 Agricultural, Industrial and Martial plot, 2 1x1 Municipal plots.

Level 1 - Up to 10 settlers. 2x interior Industrial, 1x 1x1 Municipal and 1x Interior recreational and commercial should be added at this level. A crafter's space should also be built up.

Level 2 - Up to 13 settlers. 1x interior Commercial and Recreational plot, 1x 2x2 Martial Plot and 1x 1x1 Martial, Residential and Agricultural plot.

Level 3 - Up to 16 settlers. 1x interior Agricultural and 3x interior Residential

Additional information

The settlement as stated before the city plan took advantage of the core area and still has a large amount of room for further expansions if one chooses to do so. The industrial shed at level 1 and above has 2 spots for more interior plots should you only want to a little extra.

Excess crops have been planted around the settlement for the original occupants to use as their base stats for 1 across the board or to keep excess settlers occupied.