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Allows you to recruit Nuka-World Raiders to work at HQ

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Simple patch to allow the workshop raiders from Nuka world to be sent to work at HQ.
Works for all three Gangs.

How it works:
By default Nuka World Raider settlers cannot be moved to a different settlement so they have to stay at the settlement they are recruited too or first arrive at. This is controlled by an option in their workshop script, SS2 looks to see if they can be moved to send them to the settlement, when it sees this is set to no, it does not pop up the dialogue to send them to HQ. I simply went in and changed their move option to true.

Technically this does not need SS2 and it is not mastered too it, but I am not sure what else you would use it for unless you wanted to mix all your raiders.

Issues and limitations:
This is a hard edit so may need a patch if you have something else that changes the NW workshop raiders.
Does not work retroactively, only on raiders spawned AFTER you install this patch. Sorry, but I do not know anyway around this.
NW raiders CAN move settlements now, but only to other raider settlements, not normal ones. So a pack raider could go to an operator outpost, Etc
Whichever gang turns on you will still be hostile will still be hostile even if assigned to HQ, so if you assign a Disciple to HQ, and that is the gang that betrays you, they will be hostile when you go back to HQ. Keep that in mind when you assign a gang member to HQ

Choochoo1 - Patch
Kinggath - SS2 and figuring out the issue
Karvoc - wanting more raider stuff
Yagisan - Comedic Relief