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Official Graygarden City Plan Contest entry for 2022 August competition.

The Graygarden settlement got a lot more efficient with the solved water problem and by the leadership of supervisor White's experiments made remarkable progress revitalizing the garden and the protagonists formed a production facility to combat Commonwealths needs.

Permissions and credits
Settlement Overview: 
(Each level represents the plots added on that level) 

The Garden and Production facility serves as a greenery for the robot's to do their job and also it produces items for the shops of commonwealth to sell like furniture and armor aswell weapons. Which it has salvaging jobs to utilization of the more worn out armor for something useful. Necessary ASAM's are also supplied to the commonwealth. The settlement has very too many beds than it actually requires and that is in several reasons but most importantly because there's a communications station is allows for fast (even faster after some SS2 quests) recruitment of settlers which you can then send to other settlements to populate them. It also has more than it needs water production in it's lvl3 part so you might wanna make a supply line agreement with HQ to send some water there. Necessary entertainment are provided to the new comers and training also.

- Foundation Level - 9 Settlers (6 the original robots in Graygarden)
- 7 Residential (1 is 3 slot)
- 1 Agricultural
- 1 Industrial (Building Material)
- 2 Martial
- 2 Recreation (1 AGI, 1 Relax)
- 3 Municipal (1 Caravan, 1 Water, 1 Power)

- Level 1 - 15 Settlers (6 the original robots in Graygarden)
- 2 Residential (1 is 3 slot, 1 is 6 slot)
- 2 Industrial (1 Machine Part's and 1 Organic which replaces the Industrial on lvl0) 
- 1 Martial
- 2 Recreation (1 PER, 1 END)
- 1 Commerce (Clinic)
- 3 Municipal (1 Power, 1 Sanitation, 1 Communication)

- Level 2 - 20 Settlers (6 the original robots in Graygarden)
- 3 Residential 
- 1 Agricultural (Advanced)
- 4 Industrial(1 Junk, 2 Conversion, 1 Production)
- 1 Recreation (1 LUK)
- 2 Commerce (1 Bar, 1 Barber)
- 2 Municipal (1 Power, 1 Sanitation)

- Level 3 - 29 Settlers (6 the original robots in Graygarden)
- 1 Residential 
- 2 Industrial (Production)
- 2 Martial (1 Advanced)
- 1 Recreation (1 Relax)

ISSUES! (Plz read!)

- Electrical connections required: It seems that the lvl3 added power connector (20 Power) needs to be manually connected it's on the top of the greenhouse next to the power mark sign. The idea is that those misc solar panels provide that 20 power.

- Defense and Junk Storage: Junk Storage has a defense requirement - however any city plans not set to Full Involvement setting will still upgrade. This plan does not cover the junk storage defense requirements. I suggest you turn OFF the "Junk Storage Requires Defense" setting in SS2 options when you start the plan, and then turn it back ON (if you want and I myself would advice doing it for not getting too much "free" storage space for Sim Settlements systems) I have added more storage space later in the plan but I think changing the City Plans setting OFF in the start of the plan is suitable. 
This setting only effects junk storage placed at that time, turning it back will not change those junk storage containers placed when it was OFF. 

-Higher level plots need higher ability settlers: There are several plots of various types that require settlers with high Abilities. This includes 1 Advanced agricultural (END) plot and 1 Advanced martial (AGI) plot which require "gifted" abilities. I have noticed that if a settler lacking in this "gifted" level of ability the plot could change to lesser similar plot so you might need to change it to the one I had selected it to be or refreshing the city plan could also work.

( I have very much made this with some plot's be like ABSOLUTE designed into the City Plan but few of them can be changed to meet your own requirement's of your playthrough if so desire like couple of the industrial plots)

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- Scrappers 
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- It seems that the Sim Settlements 2 scripts can sometimes pick the wrong building designs to the plots that I have chosen, nothing I can do about it so sry but you might need to manually replace some of the plots to the ones I have designed them to be. Does not happen too often though so you might be good.

- For Kinggath and the team for making Sim Settlements.
- People at the WAB Discord community for helping and supporting me with setting up my FIRST city plan mod!
- Bethesda for making the game we all Love/Hate <3