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Another shining jewel of the Commonwealth.
RocketVil, once fully developed, has a large variety of goods and services with plenty of space for growth.
It includes the Red Rocket Station being customized as a player home.
A lore friendly game addition.

Permissions and credits
Another Shining Jewel of the Commonwealth

A Sim Settlements 2 City Add-on for Red Rocket
Helping to rebuild The Commonwealth, one piece at a time.
A Vil Series Community

The Red Rocket: RocketVil - Another Shining Jewel of the Commonwealth

Although not the largest of settlements, RocketVil still meets the needs of its settlers and provides a great place to stop by.
It serves the inhabitants and visitors with an Eatery, Rest stop, Trade Station and Workstation from the Red Rocket itself.
The town provides a variety of shops and services and is connected to other towns through its Caravan route.
The Red Rocket also provides the player with a home.
All workbenches are available for any needs.
A safe place to rest, the town is always ready to welcome anyone that passes through their gates.
And has the defenses to keep unwanted guests out.
Lots of open space.
Come and pay RocketVil a visit.
All Trades Welcome.

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more to come.


V2.0 Updates.

Reset/Replaced all plots for proper building and town development.
+1 Indoor Agricultural Plot
Changed Basic Power Plot (had 2) to Caravan Plot to connect it with other settlements.
Altered the building type for 3 of the residential plots to provide proper pathing from the front.
  - The ones being used had rear access but no way of npc's reaching it.
More balanced stage development.

- Corrections to power lines and re-organized line patterns, removed line tower at rear corner of base.
- Proper power distribution to make sure power reaches all plots.
- Added some additional power switches, lighting and organized the streetlights and patterns.
- Power is now based off the indoor plot, with added solar panels to supplement any additional power needed.
- Removed Brahman fenced in pen, as it is no longer needed with above caravan plot change and built a restroom in its place.
- Slightly increased water availability with addition of restroom sink.
- Some alterations to water placements so pathing/use works properly.

Increased Defense
- Added tire and junk wall to front area facing the road, as most attacks come from that direction.
- Increased turret levels and dispersed more evenly.
- Small tire wall with turret, added at rear corner of base next to guard post, closing off the corner gap.

Some small placement corrections with some minor things I came across.
No changes to building types or base layout other then above mentioned.
Final stage now adds more clutter around the community to make it feel more complete.

*V1.0 users, you will need to destroy and replace the city with the new city plan.
The new city plans filename and city name vary from the original.
 It is likely best to destroy the town, save and exit, then load and create the new town.

I will be connecting all my city plans and making updates to include them as a Vil city plan.
This meaning they will have a standard settler ratio and each will link through a caravan route.
I am presently creating new material, but each will become a part of the Vils.
I hope you enjoy my communities.


Once fully developed, RocketVil has a capacity of 16 beds +1 (Player's home in station), for 17 beds in total.
Consisting of 21 plots, it can fully sustain itself and still has further space to grow.

The station has been customized to appear as a Home, Eatery, Rest stop, Trade Station and Workstation and acts as a player home.
The central hub for the town, serving both the player and the settlers needs.

Plots included are as follows:

4x - Residential Plots
3x - Agricultural Plots
1x - Recreational Plot: Endurance training for advanced farming.
1x - Industrial Plot
3x - Municipal Plots
4x - Martial Plots
5x - Commercial Plots

Additional: +1 bed from station. Generator & Recruitment beacon. SS2 Workstation.

I have set each stage of the towns development based on a settler ratio of 4x settlers (+1 station bed)
Therefore each development stage of the town will add enough living space and work for that number of settlers.

Stage 0 - supports 4+1 settlers
Stage 1 - supports 8+1 settlers
Stage 2 - supports 12+1 settlers
Stage 3 - Supports 16+1 settlers

Lots of additional support & space for expansion past that.

Use Vortex to install (or whichever mod installer you use)


1st rule
2nd rule
Always Carry a Towel.

Help, my plot is not working correctly.

After using your towel to wipe your brow, do the following:
Approach the ASAM Sensor and select "Activate, then select "Refresh Plot.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues in the comments section.
Please enjoy and feedback is welcome.