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Alien Rocks have reacted to the fog in mysterious way, rising up and floating above the shores of Far Harbor.
Large City Plan for Far Harbor Longfellow's Cabin Sim Settlements 2, with a player home overlooking the main harbor.
Created for the June 2021 Sim Settlements 2 City Plan Contest.

Permissions and credits
Please be sure to have a read through the Issues section below

The settlement is designed with many specific plots chosen for their access points and themes.  Please ensure you have selected Designers Choice ON in the options and have the Add-On packs I have used. You'll find a list of them at the bottom of this description, they are incredible so don't forget to send them your appreciation too!

Settlement Overview

A while back, flaming lights streaked in the night sky, thought we were goners, but the strangest thing happened. I reckon it's the fog, for them rocks slowed right down and most of em now float there, mysterious like.
Lore-friendly? you ask... well Fallout has zetan aliens, maybe they sent the rocks. I just wanted to have a little fun with the tall build area that Longfellow's Cabin offers.

I will try to get a video sorted in the coming days

Synergy with Longfellow's Cabin Rise of the Commonwealth City Plan

I will be working on adding another layout soon that can be imported into the Rise of the Commonwealth Longfellow's plan.
I love the Museum and ship yard and row of buildings the RotC plan has.
(For me and a few other reports I have seen the RotC plan has some issues with removing the build zone when it upgrades to level 1, so hopefully that will be fixed soon).

My current plan has 7 plots and some objects that would overlap if imported as is, so I will provide a little walk through once I have the  additional layout sorted so you can really punish your computer with a 36 settler settlement.

Foundation Level - 7 settlers
1 plot each of Municipal, Commercial, Industrial and Martial.
2 Agricultural
4 Recreational (END INT and AGI training, and 2 Happiness)
6 Residential (one dual occupancy)

Level 1 - 14 Settlers
3 Agricultural, 3 Industrial, 2 Municipal, 2 Commercial,
3 Martial - 1 basic, 2 advanced
6 Recreational (END, AGI, INT, PER and 2 Happiness)
12 Residential (two dual occupancy)

Level 2 - 20 Settlers
3 Agricultural (one advanced - employs 3 settlers), 4 Industrial, 3 Municipal (1 dual employ Advanced Power), 2 Commercial,
4 Martial (1 basic, 3 advanced)
7 Recreational (END, AGI, INT, PER, 3 Happiness)
16 Residential (two dual occupancy, one triple occupancy)

Level 3 - 26 Settlers
4 Agricultural (one advanced employs 3 settlers, 1 Hi-Tech), 4 Industrial, 5 Municipal (1 dual employ Advanced Power), 5 Commercial,
4 Martial (1 basic, 3 advanced)
11 Recreational (2 END, AGI, INT, PER, STR, and 5 Happiness)
21 Residential(three dual occupancy, one triple occupancy)

ISSUES - Please Read!

Look at the Size of that thing

It is big and has a lot of objects.  If you think that your machine is a little on the lean side when it comes to computing power, you might want to head into the performance settings and turn a few of them off.
For others though you will want to turn "Respect Build Limit" to OFF (if you haven't already done so - it defaults to ON)

Lots of trees and undergrowth - and their shadows, plus the waterfalls and fog all reduce FPS

I have put extra pine trees and undergrowth in as well as many plants on the floating islands. FPS takes a hit from this, this is especially the case when at the upper level of the floating islands looking back across the settlement as it has to process a lot more than if down at ground level.  If its too much you might want to thing about removing the trees and undergrowth, (some you will need Place Everywhere additional item selections [INSert key] to scrap. I gave it a go myself and found an 8-10 FPS improvement when up top. Shadow draw distance can also effect FPS.


In my testing I have had a few objects and plots not picking up on the radial power available when the are place in city plan upgrades.
(this seems to occur mainly in city plans with lots of objects. In layouts this doesn't happen - even though they use the same export file)

Simple fix is just to enter workshop mode, pick up a nearby power conduit or power pole, then [TAB] to release it back to its original position.

I have used many of the large pylon power poles, which show a power indication when moused over in workshop mode that may help identify problems. 
Some may be in difficult to reach/capture positions from the ground - use Workshop Plus by Kinggath to enable "flight" in workshop mode to make it easier!

Notes on checking your Power Grid:
I have not had any Power grid errors in testing in this city plan, but its always a good idea to check.

What I recommend you use is R2K's Gameplay Mods  and the "0005. Power Grid Tools 1.4" download.
  • To use this, be in the settlement,
  • open the console,
  • type "cpg" {without quotes} and it should report any errors. 
  • Type "cpg 1" {without quotes} to get it to fix the errors.
  • (it's great to use it on your other settlements too, helps to avoid any errors causing the scrap crash bug)

Once the power grid is fixed you may have broken every power line in the settlement. (yeah real stink I know).
You CAN NOT fix the issue with "Run City Plan Power Lines" from the city planner desk (well it's never fixed it when I have tried).
You will have to enter workshop mode and manually remove and replace every power line connection to get the grid up and running again.
(This is better than causing a corrupt save).

The Minor things that are good to know about

Objects outside the build Zone

I have put "dressing" objects outside the build zone, mainly on the path from the main Far Harbor township. (bridge and gate)
If you don't have Place Everywhere you will not be able to customize further.
(if you do want to add anything, you will still need to place objects inside the build zone first then shift that object where you want it).

Defense and Junk Storage

Junk Storage has a defense requirement - however any city plans not set to Full Involvement setting will still upgrade. 
City plans with a lot of objects require a heap of junk storage. 
If you want to give yourself some more breathing space I suggest that you turn OFF the "Junk Storage Requires Defense" setting in SS2 when you first
upgrade the city plan. Once its built you can turn it back on (it is not retroactive - the setting only works on storage placed at the time).
(if only done when first doing the foundation level, level 2 of the city plan will still be lacking as it needs a heap of storage to cover the requirement to upgrade to level 3)

Higher level plots need higher ability settlers

There are 3 martial plots, which require settlers with high Agility.
On the Agricultural side, there 2 Advanced requires high Endurance, and the and 1 Hi-Tech needs very high Endurance,
The Municipal Power plot needs high Intelligence.
The Municipal Water plot need very high Perception.
Something I found was that when I had the settings Assignment Requirements Off, and Auto Assignment On, settlers would assign to these plots, then change to a new building plan, (if they change these to basic type, or reset to level 1 they will mess up settlement requirements).
Did you know you can use clothing items to help raise their abilities, and legendary items will stack.

Time to upgrade

If you choose to upgrade manually with cinematic on be aware it will take awhile as plots are also upgrade at the same time. Level 3 has 52 plots, if it takes around a minute to upgrade a plot you might end up floating around the settlement for a long time, (level 3 has 53 plots).

Minor errors

As I am sorting out a video I have found some minor errors as I look more closely (and not at 4 a.m. when I did my final test check over for version 1.0). Not bad enough to create/upload a new city plan as the are relatively easy fixes - and you get a choice.
  • an undergrowth bush is floating above the ground at the western end of the island. You can fix in workshop manually, or console its ID and type"setpos z 778" then "modpos z 0" (the second command is just to stop it from being blurry), or even just scrap it completely.
  • I removed my custom scrap profile as I thought it wasn't needed, however the bed (owned) in the original cabin is not in the standard scrap profile for the settlement. Your choice if you want to keep it - if so scrap the overlapping bottles, chairs and table/file cabinet, or scrap the bed - which will require extra object selection using Place Everywhere mod.

Optional Files

If you can't wait through the city growth process, maybe because this is one of the last settlements you obtained then I have included an optional file with the 4 levels as separate layouts you can build through the workbench layout menu.

ADD-ON's Used (and Highly Recommended!)
I have designed the settlement with the specific plots chosen, you can let it randomize, but might end up with access issues.
Especially the case for Gaslight Concoctions which has space for an internal plot on it's second floor (Hi-Tech Agricultural) if you don't use this plot the agricultural will be floating in the sky - or mixed in with a taller commercial plot.
You may need to refresh the Martial pillbox as the turret on top fails to spawn some times, and the residential Dark Tower, as the tower shell sometimes fails to be added.

Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by Tinuvia and Myrmarachne

Sim Settlements 2 Scrappers by Ohnno

Sim Settlements 2 - Junk Town 2 Addon Pack by Uituit

Sim Settlements 2 - Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack by SirLach

Sim Settlements 2 - Pra's Random Addon 2 by Pra

Sim Settlements 2 - Ruined Homes and Gardens 2.0 by Ruinedworld

Jampads 2 - a Sim Settlements 2 Add-on by CaptainLaserBeam

SS2 Superstructures - A Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by VFX

Sim Settlements 2 - So I Made Plans by Mikimikinyan or D-D-D-Decade