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Adds a misc mod that enables Vit-O-Matic scanning with West Tec Tactical Optics equipment

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This is a small mod I made because I was tired of hauling the 8-pound piece of hardware that is the Vit-O-Matic around the Commonwealth just so I can peek at my settlers' SPECIAL stats from time to time. Now all that utility is available in a portable, head-mounted package. 

To Craft: If you have completed Vim and Vigor, found the West Tek Tactical Optics blueprints, and have both Armorer and Science rank 1, you're set! Just modify any headpiece at an armor workbench as shown.

Requires West Tek Tactical Optics and Sim Settlements 2.

Since this mod only adds a crafting recipe, mod, and mod item, I don't forsee any conflicts. However, this is my first time modding/publishing, so here's hoping I'm right!