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Rust & dust city themed

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Not that due to lack of permissions, you wont be able to:
- get the cactus and joshua trees from the blueprint file (ignore the warning for "Boris Desperados Plants.esp")
- get the pink flamingo neon 
from the blueprint file (ignore the warning for "JRWorkshopObjectsFlamingo01.esp")
I understand it's annoying, but some people migth like it even without those, or decide it's not that much of a lose overhaul, so there's no need to complain for that in the commen. Thank you.

That being out the way:


A brand new face for the great place that Sunshine Tiddings coop is. Bye bye ugly warhouse & green broken cabins.
The them is a 'sort-of' sifi western town lost in the middle of nowhere. The kind of place you would find at the end of the world, where people depend mainly of two things (beside on themselves): salvaging tech and metal from whatever they can, and from the once in a while caravan passing by.

It's running late now and i've been on this build for far too long, so pics will speack better than any wall of text i migth write.

Oh and i forgot: it's 6500+ items with full shadow casting ligths, FPS wont be happy....
If it make you game crash i can uplaod a non shadow casting version of the blueprint, just ask in comments.

About the Sim Settlement req:
There are NO plot of any sort in the blueprint, interiors are mostly bare (only the sheriff has little something for you inside).
The point of that is for you to use the interiors as you see fit with the sim settlement tools.

1/ I kept some of the vanilla assets, so i advice doing the import first before starting to scrap cliping stuff.
2/ Wire lines are exported in the file.
3/ Marker based items are also exported in the file.
4/ Settlers will likely be unable to find their way, as usual... 
5/ There can be a bug with SOE light spheres, where they become visible outside of workshop mod (big grey sphere). I dont know why and how it happens and the only way i found is to scrap them and rebuild them (if that happens).

Hope you'll like it!


I will do what i can to provide support if you have any issue with my blueprints, but please be sure to have read and done everything adviced on the Transfert Settlement mod page before. Be also sure to have check your load order.
Here you can find Transfer Settlement mod page.

Check requirement tab for links.


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