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About this mod

This is just a small Add-on pack for Sim Settlements 2 that currently adds 8 building plans. I plan to add much more in the future.

formerly Garage Homes and Sensible Security and then Practical Plots for Sensible Settlers... but I added plots that didn't fit that.
This name will remain.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds 12 new plots for Sim Settlements 2. This is the first mod I have ever created. 

4 Residential plots -- 3 Single, 1 Multi

2 Martial Plots -- 1 Basic, 1 High-Tech 

1 High-Tech Agricultural plot 

1 Municipal Communications plot.

NEW in v1.8.
4 New Recreational Plots - 1 2x2 Endurance Trainer, 1 3x3 Endurance Trainer, 1 3x3 Agility trainer, and 1 3x3 Strength trainer. Each of the 3x3 plots trains up to 12 settlers. 
- Strength - The greatest gym in the commonwealth that can make any settler stronger than a supermutant. 
- Agility - A climbing gym with parkour and calisthenics implements as well as the standard pommel horse stuff.
- Endurance - A massive stair-lair that coaxes settlers in and then keeps them going up and down and around until they finally get to the top.
- Endurance 2x2 - a small warehouse is converted into a place for settlers to play some indoor soccer / futsal. Trains up to 6 settlers. 

There's so many destroyed cars in the commonwealth, but there's no garages? Not anymore. 

I don't want my plots to just TELL me that they provide 90+ defense or like 40+ food or whatever. I want them to show me HOW exactly they are worth such a rating. These plots are designed to make you feel like they earn those ratings by having lots of powerful turrets, or guns, or having food that you can actually eat for all you survival players. 

This could potentially be a bit resource intensive on your computer at times, but mostly with the high tech plots so maybe don't spam them, but they're also high tech plots so they're hard to make a ton of already though. 

The new 3x3 recreational plots are monsters and take up a noticeable amount of settlement budget. But to make up for this, each can train up to TWELVE settlers. 

Open to feedback and suggestions for new plots.

Thanks a billion times to the heroes in the Sim Settlements discord, the entire Sim Settlements 1 and 2 teams. Kinggath, the creator and instructor whose amazing mods, videos, tutorials, and tools have inspired this all, and all other Sim Settlements content creators that have enriched this game with their creativity and their hard work.