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A well-balanced city plan with a free all-inclusive player's house.
What more do you want?

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!Requires Creation Club Slocum Joe's Workshop!
- Don't talk to me about a bug if you don't have it yourself -

Here is a new plan for Sanctuary, it's a levelled city plan.
I tried to do something balanced not too much excess not too much scraping.
I've used each old house to make a useful building, business, farm, bar, school or police station.
Each building keeping its housing capacities.
  • From level 0 you will have a fully equipped player house.
  • The main street will be transformed into a real community living space from level 1.
  • And the city will continue to grow thanks to Sim Settlement 2 until level 3.
You'll probably need some space to build stuff for the quests, I've left some space at the top of Sanctuary behind the houses and at the bottom near the water.

!!You need to think about expanding the settlement's budget : workshop-->manage-->configure build limits!!

--------------Like it, endorse it--------------

 !! If you want the same decor as on the pictures and video, you should have the following sim settlements 2 Addon installed:

Jampads 2 :
"Donuts (3x3 - Production) - Sugar, coffee, and tasty treats for everyone. Consumes oil and produces more and better donuts for sale at settlement bars. (Requires CC Slocum Joe's Workshop) - UNLOCKABLE"
I love this plot but it does require CC Slocum Joe's Workshop.