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From ghoul-infested ruin to the new home of Bobrov's Best Moonshine! This plan is heavy on food production, but will require scrap imports from your other settlements to advance to its final levels.

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Do you find yourself parched as your travel the wasteland?  Curious about where the DC Dugout gets all its food and booze?   Wonder no longer as you wander into Dugout Liquors!   Set up in the remains of the old Croup Manor, desperate enterprising indentured settlers backed by the Bobrov brother's caps have (mostly) cleared out the feral infestation and set up farming and brewing operations.

Keeping a watchful eye out for mirelurks, ghouls and Yao Gaui is stressful, but the Bobrovs swear that crops grown at the site have a unique blend of sea-salt-infused taste with just a hint of rad-tang that meshes perfectly with closely-guarded secret recipes for the Commonwealth's finest alcohols.

This city plan is caravan connected from the outset, but has only minimal scrap production on site at early levels.  At L2 & L3, all scrap will need to be imported to sustain and grow this settlement, but the hundreds of food and specialty alcohol that it produces should more than compensate for this.   Shopping on site is limited to a full-featured bar, with a public campfire for cooking.

Uses only base SS2 building plans to ensure maximum compatibility with various mod lists.