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Small town (15 settlers in level 3) nestled between the cliffs of Graygarden and the highway. Has Playerhome and all the vanilla workbenches.

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My entry for the August 2022 CPC.
A small town of Far Harbor Exiles with 6 robots and 4/8/12/15 human settlers. Parts of the town is kept in Far Harbor Style, while the rest is a theatre area and a guesthouse. The town will need to export scrap, but is self sufficent regarding food/water/defense/energy.
In level 3 it will have a hospital, graveyard, communication plot, book vendore, cloth store, bar, general goods and the Far Harbor Shop.

It also features a small Playerhome and all vanilla workbenches.


KingGath for Sim Settlement 2
The Discord people for patience & kindness
especially Yagisan for his incredible useful WabbaJack List
Ohnno for Scrappers
TurmoilPriest2003 for Jampads 2
Myrmarachne and Tinuvia for Wasteland Venturers
IDontEvenKnow for IDEK's Logistics Station 2
Uituit for Junk Town 2
fftfan for SS2 Superstructures

GwensTheName for Settlers at Play
FenPhile for the Alley Cabaret