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A heavily agriculture focused plan with an Institute theme. Supports 20 settlers at Level 3, and includes caravan and communications plots.

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Welcome to Experimental Farm 06!  This Bioscience outpost is dedicated to documenting the effect of prolonged background radiation exposure on flora and fauna intended for human consumption on the surface.  Mind your step until we've got all the handrails up around the terraces - it can be quite a drop in places, and things aren't as sterile here as they are back home!  The noise?  Oh, we've got some milling and salvaging operations going, helps to smooth the budget applications when the committee is sitting at a brand new wood desk in a chair made from metals that haven't been recycled a dozen times already.  Anyway, take a look around, and lend a hand if you can - there's always something that needs doing!

L0: 5 settlers (Martial, Power, Water, Comms, Caravan)
L1: 8 Settlers (add Lumberyard, Radiation Cleaner, 2nd Martial)
L2: 12 Settlers (add Machine Parts Industrial, Agriculture plots)
L3: 20 Settlers (add 3rd Martial, Agriculture plots)

This plan represents an Institute science outpost, and as such does not feature commercial plots or much in the way of recreation.  There is minimal industry, focused on items that the Institute would not be easily able to obtain underground: lumber and refined metals.  Food production is exceptionally high at L3, and can be in excess of 250 units.  Significant terraforming of the settlement area has been done, as all the extra dirt and stone generated every time the Institute expands has go somewhere!