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Just some support plots for your settlements. Currently includes 13 new municipal plots, but planning to expand to martial and agriculture in the future. (Requires all DLCs)

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Support Structures of the Wasteland v2.5
(Sim Settlements 2 Add-on Pack)


After playing SS2 for a bit, I found that there is currently a lack of industrial production plots for indoor spaces. So I decided to make some more. After spending some time making industrial plots, I've decided to venture into some of the other plot types.

This add-on pack is for Sim Settlements 2 and currently adds 13 new municipal plots to the game. In addition to the base sim settlements 2 files, all of the DLC packs are required.

This add-on is a work in progress so let me know if you come across any problems and i'll see what i can do to fix them. (I should note, I have 2 kids, so i'll respond as soon as I am able.) 

I am planning on building more plots including martial and agricultural plots. Let me know on the comments page if you guys have any fun ideas or something you would like to see and I'll try to get them made!

Also, If you havent seen it, check out my other Add-on pack Industrial Revolution in the Wasteland which is focused on industrial production and conversion plots.


Summary of Add-on Plots

This add-on pack currently adds 2 interior, 4 1x1 exterior, 3 2x2 exterior, and 4 3x3 exterior municipal plots including the following:

1. Mini Bathhouse
  • Wash away the grime of the day in a mini bath house.
  • Municipal, Sanitation
  • Exterior 1x1 Plot

 2. Handwash Station
  • You're filthy, wash up at the handwash station!
  • Municipal, Sanitation
  • Interior Plot

 3. Trinity Crematorium
  • Is that pile of corpses you've been displaying starting to stink? Dispose of them quickly with your own crematorium!
  • Municipal, Cemetery 
  • 2x2 Exterior Plot
  • Tall Structure

 4. "Bring Out Your Dead"
  • I'm not dead yet! No, but you will be soon.
  • Municipal, Cemetery 
  • Exterior 1x1 Plot
 5. Majestic Fountain
  • Every headquarters needs a majestic fountain to leave you enemies in awe of your power. Plus it doubles as a cistern!
  • Municipal, Water, Basic
  • Exterior 2x2 Plot
 6. Grand Imperial Fountain
  • Leave you enemies in awe of your power with the Grand Imperial Fountain.
  • Municipal, Water, Basic
  • Exterior 3x3 Plot
 7. RobCo Universal Banking and Trust
  • Trust us, it's better if we hold onto that for you.
  • Municipal, Tax Collection
  • Exterior 1x1 Plot
 8. Commonwealth Treasury
  • When a mere bank cannot handle your spoils of war, turn to the Commonwealth Treasury!
  • Municipal, Tax Collection
  • Exterior 3x3 Plot
9. Solar Tower Power
  • A mighty tower on a small footprint to soak up those sweet rays.
  • Municipal, Power, High Tech
  • Exterior 1x1 Plot
10. Reverse Osmosis Water Processing
  • Brown water may be fine for the peasants, but you deserve that crystal clear H2O!
  • Municipal, Water, High Tech
  • Interior Plot
11. High Tech Pumping Station
  • Use your technical prowess to draw upon water from the aquifiers deep below your feet.
  • Municipal, Water, High Tech
  • Exterior 3x3 Plot
12. Roman Bath
  • Be one with the ancients and bath naked amongst your compatriots in the thermae publicae.
  • Municipal, Sanitation
  • Exterior 3x3 Plot
13. Waste Incineration Plant
  • Is the garbage you've been accumulating your entire life stinking up the place? Burn that pile at the waste incineration plant!
  • Municipal, Sanitation
  • Exterior 2x2 Plot