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Abernathy Gardens is a reasonably compact settlement layout for Sim Settlements 2 playthroughs that was designed to accommodate 12+5 settlers via dense 1x1 residential plots. Notable elements: a player home, a mayor's deck/lounge, four two-story buildings, and a garden tribute to Mary.

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General Overview and Description:
Abernathy Gardens is a reasonably compact settlement layout for Sim Settlements 2 playthroughs that was designed to accommodate 12+5 settlers via dense 1x1 residential plots. Notable elements: a player cabin, a mayor's deck/lounge, four two-story buildings, and a garden tribute to Mary.

The mod includes 4 layouts: the core layout and three supplemental/reference layouts.           

  • Core Layout - the primary product of this mod
  • Bathroom Walls – replacement walls for the bathroom, just in case they get scrapped…
  • Basic Plots – bunch of plots for testing, reference, or whatever; essentially, a complete build for 15-ish.
  • Water Planes – objects from the Settlement Objects Expansion Pack; included, primarily, as a placeholder in the WSFW package. Transfer Settlements is the preferred method to install this portion of the design.

Main Features:
  • Player home/cabin with a bed, a cooking station, various storage solutions, and more – including several elements from Advanced Needs 76 (AN-76) if you have that mod installed, not a hard requirement but there will be noticeable gaps in the interior without it.
  • Built-In Utilities that provide 100 power and 22 water – the power comes from the electrical connectors attached to the wall next to the settlement workbench, 20 water comes from the tank on the north side of the building and 2 from the adjacent water cooler.
  • Security/Turrets providing 64 vanilla defense (120 total with Enhanced Turrets installed) - plenty to cover initial settlement startup UNLESS you have the "Junk Storage requires defense" option enabled.
  • Junk Storage for 36k worth of resources– the containers are in the Utility/Service Room.
  • Various pre-placed foundations for easy plot placement – all should be self-explanatory and reasonably flexible.
  • A main settler community area consisting of four two-story buildings, ideal/designed for dense 1x1 residential plots and various interior plots. I will generally reference the buildings based on my personal use case; specifically, a residential apartment, an industrial building, a commercial building, and a municipal building.
  • An open courtyard with foundations for three 2x2 plots and a covered area for one interior or two 1x1 plots.
  • Numerous defensive fortifications.
  • A garden tribute to Mary with three 2x2 foundations -- scrap them after plot placement.

General Notes:
  • The power grid may need to be re-established after applying the Plots layouts. Either manually reconnect the electrical nodes or use the WSFW Power Tools > Rebuild Power Grid and Wiring option at the settlement workbench.
  • NPC pathing in the garden area is probably not going to be great.
  • The WSFW water plane is fine aesthetically but acts as a hard surface, if you want to walk on water then this is the option for you; otherwise, use the Transfer Settlement blueprint if you have that option

‘Hard’ Requirements:

‘Soft’ Requirements + Highly Recommended:
  • Advanced Needs 76 – needed for several crafting elements in the Player Cabin and the toilet in the outhouse.
  • Place Everywhere – needed to make changes to the Player Cabin
  • SS2 Superstructures – needed for several foundations. There will be noticeable, but easily filled, gaps in the design. However, given the number of downloads that mod has, you probably have it…
  • Transfer Settlements – needed to import fully functional water planes.
  • Whisper’s Enhanced Turrets – needed for the wireless turrets

Water planes:

Highly Recommended Mods:

Highly Recommended SS2 Add-ons:
  • Bare Essentials – for the 1x1 Residential Plots
  • Junk Town 2 – for the Interior Recreation Plots, 1x1 Commercial Plots, and Advanced 1x1 Martial Plots
  • Tiny Living – for the 1x1 Residential Plots and 1x1 Sanitation Plot
  • Vault-Tec Tools – for the Dynamic SS2 furniture
  • Wasteland Venturers – for the Interior Commercial Plots, Interior and 2x2 Recreation Plots, 3x3 Agricultural Plots

Layout Descriptions, as included in the mod:

Gardens - Core Layout v0.5: Included inside the vanilla building: a 100-unit power plant, 36k units of junk, and a bathroom. For the Exterior: a power grid, a 22-unit water treatment plant, 64 units of vanilla defense (120 total if you have Enhanced Turrets), fencing, clutter, idle markers, foundations, four two-story buildings designed for use with interior and 1x1 plots, a player home, a sweet garden and more...
Notes: (0) The Player Home is entirely outside the vanilla build area and includes design elements from Advanced Needs 76! (1) There are a few areas where pathing might be glitchy and unreliable. (2) Settlers may spawn inside/under the primary building foundations.

Gardens - Bathroom Walls v0.0: Replacement walls for the bathroom, just in case... Use the [build without scrapping option]!

Gardens - Basic Plots v0.0: Includes a bunch of basic plots for testing and reference purposes.
Notes: Use at your own risk and the [build it without scrapping option]!

Gardens - Water Plane, SOE Old Gullet - v0.0 - SEE INFO!!! Water planes from the Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - All DLC (SOE) mod, configured for Old Gullet -- included, primarily, as a placeholder in the WSFW package.
CAUTION: the preferred method to install this layout is Transfer Settlements because, as imported by WSFW, the created objects are not fully functional; specifically, the objects remain as hard surfaces in and out of workshop mode -- otherwise, the objects look fine, can be modified in workshop mode, and the player can interact with the water. Whereas with Transfer Settlements, the objects behave as expected after entering and exiting workshop mode.