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Vault 88 with a central 5 level Atrium, a City Plan for Sim Settlements 2.
Winner of the October 2021 Sim Settlements 2 City Plan Contest

Permissions and credits
Please be sure to have a read through the Issues section below

The settlement is designed with specific plots chosen for their access points and themes.
Please ensure you have selected Designers Choice ON in the options and have the Add-On packs I have used. You'll find a list of them at the bottom of this description, they are incredible so don't forget to send them your appreciation too! 
Some plots are set to begin at higher plot level in the Foundation city plan - to get these you will need to select Starting Plot Levels ON

Ver 1.1 Update:
The Laundry relaxation plan from the original has been changed over to the Laundry Municipal Sanitation plan.
At level 3 the hospital plan will be added to the medical room. 
Compiled with the new complier so there should not be issue with too few settlers...
(actually it appears the vanilla extra 10 settler limit for vault 88 is added to the total, but I would rather that than not.)

I had a good think about the new chapter 3 plots, however since these are not available in regular play at the start, it didn't make sense to include them.
One thing I might suggest is to swap the martial at the entrance over to a Watch tower plan when you reach chapter 3.... Yes, I hear you - there are no internal watchtowers... however I do know of one add-on creator who is working on one, so hopefully in the near future it will be available.

Settlement Overview

Vault 88, a vast open atrium with plants and water features to escape from the harsh world beyond the vault door.

Foundation Level - 10 settlers
1 Agricultural, 4 Industrial, 2 Municipal, 1 Commercial, 1 Martial
7 Recreational and training (END, AGI, CHR)
10 Residential

Level 1 - 15 Settlers
2 Agricultural, 4 Industrial, 2 Municipal, 3 Commercial, 3 Martial
9 Recreational and training (END, AGI, STR, CHR, INT)
14 Residential (15 single, 1 double occupant)

Level 2 - 20 Settlers
5 Agricultural, 5 Industrial, 2 Municipal, 4 Commercial, 3 Martial
11 Recreational and training (END, AGI, STR, CHR, INT, LCK)
13 Residential (13 single, 2 double occupant)

Level 3 - 24 Settlers
3 Agricultural, 5 Industrial, 4 Municipal, 6 Commercial, 3 Martial
12 Recreational and training (END, AGI, STR, CHR)
22 Residential (20 single, 2 double occupant

ISSUES - Please Read!

Power connections

will need to connect with power wires to several connections.
  • The main reactor in the reactor room to the connector on the wall.
  • The water plant in the cavern to the power pole beside it.
  • The power conduit to the vault wall conductor just to the left as you enter the atrium
  • The 2 soda machines off the atrium
  • The gambling machine off the atrium.
The first two are needed as the reactor and water plant are not in the city plan (it will keep the vault originals) to stop them from doubling up.
The others seems a quirk in the way the city plan builds and the wiring is skipped.

In my testing I had the martial and caravan plots at the front entrance not picking up the radial power (needs the reactor connection mentioned to energize a grid of power poles beneath the floor). One upside down power pole you can see beside the dog kennel can be picked up and [TAB] dropped in workshop mode to get power to the plots.

Objects that YOU will need to scrap

I strongly suggest you manually scrap before activating the plan - both the scrap settlement function from the work  bench, and objects while in workshop mode.
Most annoying things to do...
  • the round reactor core under the crane in the main chamber - otherwise its green/black decal is left behind
  • the passenger train - otherwise a floating skeleton is left behind
  • any road cone or road barrier - they aren't removed by the city plan
  • carboard boxes - some are removed, some are not

Vault 88 Issues

For such a big area Vault 88 can't handle too many objects.   
One issue is the 'Hall of Mirrors' effect, where you get some objects distorting several images layered across them as you move.
(I had to remove a third of the structure I initially built to avoid this)
Reducing the number of objects can avoid this, as can turning off any ENB you might be using (the default key is [SCR LK] key).
Other options could be to avoid assigning any settlers to the Rock Garden 3x3 Agricultural plot as this accepts 3 settlers, and scrap 3 residential plots (the remaining advanced and hit tech agricultural plots meet the settlement food needs).

You could also check out Hall Of Mirrors Fix for Vault 88 Megabuilds 

As the contest only permits Sim Settlements 2 and the Add-on packs, you could also swap out some corner sections once the plan hits level 3 - in several places I have had to use two sections in the one locations (slightly offset). This is due to the limited Vault-Tec DLC pieces, for example it does not have Corner sections with a window, but you could use sections available in mods such as Vault 88 Essentials

If you are using version 1.0

There are issues with version 1.0, have a read of the article if you aren't aware of them. 

The Minor things that are good to know about

Defense and Junk Storage

Junk Storage has a defense requirement - however any city plans not set to Full Involvement setting will still upgrade.  Large city plans with a lot of objects require a heap of junk storage. 
This plan does not cover the junk storage defense requirements (I didn't want to spam lots of martial plots).

You can turn OFF the "Junk Storage Requires Defense" setting in SS2 when you build and upgrade the city plan then turn it back ON 
This setting only effects junk storage placed at that time, turning it back will not change those junk storage containers placed when it was OFF. 

Higher level plots need higher ability settlers

There are several plots of various types that require settlers with high Abilities.
Something I found was that when I had the settings Assignment Requirements Off, and Auto Assignment On, settlers would assign to these plots, then change to a new building plan, (if they change these to basic type, or reset to level 1 they will mess up settlement requirements).
Did you know you can use clothing items to help raise their abilities, and legendary items will stack

Optional Files
Updated to ver 1.1
If you can't wait through the city growth process I have included an optional file with the 4 levels as separate layouts you can build through the workbench layout menu.

ADD-ON's Used (and Higly Recommended!)
I have designed the settlement with the specific plots chosen, you can let it randomize, but might end up with access issues.
You may need to refresh the Martial plots as the turret can fail to spawn some times.

Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by Tinuvia and Myrmarachne

Sim Settlements 2 Scrappers by Ohnno

Sim Settlements 2 - Junk Town 2 Addon Pack by Uituit

Sim Settlements 2 - Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack by SirLac

Sim Settlements 2 - Pra's Random Addon 2 by Pra

Vault-Tec Tools - Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by Samutz and Wulfharth

Sim Settlements 2 - Tiny Living by Freddrick

SS2 Superstructures - A Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack by VFX