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Currently a finalist for August's contest! Go vote! https://simsettlements.com/site/index.php?threads/season-3-august-2021-voting-ends-09-22-21.19622/

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A pleasant place to relax, full of friendly faces, good food and great prices!   Slog Tarberries & Fitness can provide a solid base to launch discovery and salvage operations from, while offering settlers training in a variety of physical skills.

The Slog provides a perfect site for relaxation and fitness training in the northern Commonwealth, and also offers an ideal location for unique agricultural activities.  The pre-war pool facility offers the perfect spot for a tarberry bog, and the surrounding soil is rich from years of flood fertilization by the nearby river.  Capitalizing on this, the new settlement will offer a variety of training opportunities and supporting commercial ventures to entice new settlers and traders alike.

Expands to include 15 job plots by L3, and offers an extensive player home when fully developed.

**Authors note:  as much as I would have loved to have eliminated the agricultural focus here, the vegetation in the pool is not scrappable without breaking precombines, and pre-built activity markers will have settlers trying to work in the pool and north-west agricultural area even after all food items are removed.  Water level in the pool also could not be altered within the limited modset allowed by the rules of the SS2 City Plan Contest.**

Version 1.1
   - Adds recruitment beacon (unpowered) at all levels to meet city plan contest requirements.  This is a redundant piece, as the communication plots should already handle settler recruitment, but can be found in the south-east corner outside Arlen's workshop near the caravan campfire if needed.