Fallout 4

About this mod

Some scavengers got tired of hanging out in the Commonwealth, so they put their asses and their loot in Oberland Station.

Permissions and credits
A few scavengers specialising in train robbery stumbled upon a Vault-Tec convoy.
A train full of goods to fill a shelter.
Rich with their booty and tired of travelling the Commonwealth, they decide to settle down. Of course they choose a station and set about building all the shops they need to sell their loot.

!! It's a rather heavy city plan! You need to think about expanding the settlement's budget :
workshop-->manage-->configure build limits !!!! It's a rather heavy city plan! You need 

It's a levelled city plan:
At level 0 you'll have the station and the basic to reach level 1(Food, material, beds and water). Level 1 builds the shop place,level 2 the flat part and the remaining shops.At level 3 you'll have :
- 26 beds,57 water and 64 food.
- 11 commercial
- 8 residential
- 4 recreational
- 4 industrial
- 2 municipal
- 1 martial
- 1 farm !!!! -------> (You must have the right one or it won't work : Jampads 2 [JP] BIRDLAND by CaptLaserbeam)

 !! If you want the same decor as on the pictures and video, you should have the following sim settlements 2 Addon installed:

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