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This is a Sim Settlements 2 leveled city plan for Vault 88. A medium-sized "traditional" Vault, it was designed for up to 23 settlers.

Permissions and credits
This is a Vault 88 leveled city plan for Sim Settlements 2, intended as a medium-sized "traditional" Vault for 23 settlers.

It is based on my Vault 88 WSFW layout; now enhanced, leveled, and converted to Sim Settlements 2.

Supporting Mods
Required DLC
  • Vault-tec Workshop - needed for access to Vault 88

Absolutely Required Mods

Recommended Mods (used for decorations; will work without these)
  • Do-It-Yourshelf - available on bethesda.net in-game
  • CREAtive Clutter - available on bethesda.net in-game

Sim Settlements 2 Addon Packs Used

City Plan Features
  • Balanced Resources: should upgrade on its own without player intervention (junk storage, food, water, and defense should be sufficient)
  • Uses entire first chamber
  • 4 city plan levels which show progression (yet all residential plots are there at the beginning)
  • Integrated power/water resources - Does not require built-in Vault power (which can be buggy) or Vault water
  • Some turret spam at L1 and L2 -- sorry, I kept it mostly out of sight but those defense requirements can be really hard to meet with the built-in Vault power/water supplies -- but turrets reduced to a more reasonable amount at L3 (in case you notice the defense rating drops, this is why)
  • Play-tested and one round of detailed bug fixes done already
  • Lots of detail and decorations, and some themed rooms I had tons of fun building :)
  • Some turret spam at L1 and L2 (sorry, I kept it mostly out of sight... but those defense requirements can be really hard to meet with the built-in Vault power/water supplies) but turrets reduced to a more reasonable amount at L3 (in case you notice the defense rating dropped, this is why)

Creator Notes
This is my first full city plan!  More to come.

Huge huge thanks to kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for extending the game in such an amazing way! Also, thanks specifically to Samutz and Wulfharth for their awesome Vault-themed add-on pack. Without that, my vault would be extremely silly-looking.

I also have a WSFW layout for the completely empty vault. If you want me to upload it, let me know!

Other useful tools:  Place EverywhereWorkshop Plus

Another neat Vault 88 SS2 city plan in a similar vein: Blackbelt's Vault 88

Install Steps & Known Issues/Quirks
1. Download and install like any other mod.
2. Go to Vault 88. Do or skip the quest to unlock the workshop. For best results, scrap most of what's in the first chamber manually or using a tool like the Town Gavel, the mod Raze My Settlement, or scrapall.  Some vanilla items don't seem to be scrapped when applying this city plan and I have no clue why and it's pissing me the hell off... Will attempt to fix in future versions if I ever figure it out.
3. Build the City Planner Desk from SS2.  Select "Reina's Vault 88 (SS2 version)" and then tear it all down!
4. Wait.
5. At L1 or above: For the washroom behind the gym, use the computer to add 1 toilet stall.
6. At L2 or above: For the shower room, use the computer to remove all stalls then add 5 shower stalls.
(You might need to do step 5 and 6 each time the city upgrades. I'm going to try and figure out if I can script it to do these automatically.)

The full plan uses 4 ADVANCED PLOTS (including for both power and water).  If you want to make sure your settlers can work these plots, regardless of their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. scores, I suggest you turn Assignment Requirements to OFF in the Sim Settlements 2 -> Gameplay -> Assignment settings.

Detailed Info
Plots (L0 and L1 have fewer recreational and more industrial plots)
  • 3-4 Agricultural (interior), 1 Agricultural (1x1) - 1 of them is Adv Agricultural
  • 4 Commercial (interior)
  • 2-4 Industrial (interior)
  • 2 Martial (interior) - 1 of them is Adv Martial
  • 3-4 Municipal (interior) - 1 of them is Adv Power Plant, 1 is Adv Water
  • 1-8 Recreational (interior), 1 Recreational (1x1) - including 1 END, 1 CHA, 1 INT training
  • 21 Residential (interior) - 2 plots use a plan from Pra's Addon Pack that will house 2 settlers

Additional Jobs
  • 2-4 Security Desks/Guard Posts
  • Barber
  • Surgery Chair