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Industry town, that will use the former greenhouse as a repairshop. Supports 20 settlers in level 3 and features a player bed in every level.

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My entry for the 2022 City Plan Play Off Contest: July.

The settlement is from the start industry focused and most recreationplots are chosen with the theme of workforce productivity in mind. In level 3 it will feature all 4 resource type industry plots and production plots of alcohol & furniture for your stores. It has only a clinic shop but no hospital, so I would suggest using this plan, if either "the Slog" or "Finch Farm" will have a hospital. The town has every recreation plot it needs for its advanced plots and should be self sufficent at any level.

The living space is incredible cramped (20 settlers and one bathroom), but a small niche has been set aside for a player bed.

The plan supports 10/15/18/20 settlers in level 0/1/2/3

Potential Issue:  Some of the Mutfruit plans may not properly despawn, simply store them in the workshop.


KingGath for Sim Settlement 2
The Discord people for patience & praise and kindness!
Freddrick for Tiny Living
Ohnno for Scrappers
TurmoilPriest2003 for Jampads 2
Myrmarachne and Tinuvia for Wasteland Venturers
IDontEvenKnow for IDEK's Logistics Station 2
Uituit for Junk Town 2
Mikimikinyan for So I made Plans
Eldarth for Sim Homestead 2
fftfan for SS2 Superstructures

Pra for Pra's Random Addon 2
GwensTheName for Settlers at Play
Kopfjagger for Favelabulous
and Yagisan for his incredible useful WabbaJack List