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City Plan for a small settlement that is supposed to export Scrap (building/machine/rare) build in and under the expanded catwalk

Permissions and credits
My entry for the October 2022 City Plan Contest

This small town is supposed to be a (temporary) settlement to salvage the ressources of the robobrain facility.

It features 6/8/10/12 settlers and while it might be autarkic in the first two levels, it will need to import up to a maximum of 30 food in level 3.
It has neither a hospital nor any advanced plots and the only training opportunities are Endurance & Strength, because I thought they fit the purpose of the town.
If you want to reassign the city leader in level 3, there is one additional job spot on the graveyard.

It also does have a Player Home and most vanilla workbenches.

Potential Problems

If the power lines don't connect as they should, I would suggest trying to rewire or going for radiant

Mechanist Lair is notorious for problematic Settler pathing, so don't wonder if they quiete often take the long route. With the exception of the Caravan Plot, all Plots should be able to be used by the Settlers.

City Build Limit - The Plan uses a bit less 200% of the Original Build Limit so please adjust your workbench accordingly


KingGath for Sim Settlement 2
The Discord people for patience & kindness & Support
Yagisan for his incredible useful WabbaJack List
Ohnno for Scrappers
Myrmarachne and Tinuvia for Wasteland Venturers
fftfan for SS2 Superstructures

GwensTheName for Settlers at Play

Freddrick for Tiny Living

Pra for Pra's Random Addon 2
Kopfjagger for Favelabulous
And Snatex for Pack Caravan Snatex