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Simple utility mod to make entering the Sim Settlements 2 City Plan Contest incredibly easy.

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File includes a mod that automates a number of things, and some holotape based tools to make City Plan design simple. In addition, it includes a quick start clean save that starts you just inside the vault, past the intro sequence.

Update each month on or after the 28th to have the current settlements automatically unlocked for you.

5 Minute Guide: How to Compete in the City Plan Contest for Sim Settlements 2

City Plan Contest Assistant Mod: In-Depth

Contest Overview

1. Build one of the monthly settlement options.
2. Export your design.
3. Share it on nexusmods.com
4. Win cool prizes - such as games, and exclusive merchandise!

SS2 Vault Boy Style Architect Design on Mug, T-Shirt, or Notebook

Mod Features


- Sets up build limit, settlement ownership, and gameplay settings and bypasses all of the Sim Settlements 2 story locked content, so you can dive right into settlement design.
- Flashes items purple that might not be available to all players.
- Warns you if an item is outside the bounds that settlers won't likely path to.
- Automatically replaces vanilla items that are picked up or moved with versions that are tied to your save so they end up in your City Plan export.


- FAQ: Answers many common questions about the contest and City Plans in general.
- Options: Turn on/off the automatic features.
- Tools: See below for list of tools and what they do.

Change Competing Answer: Allows you to tell the mod whether you are participating in the current contest, which controls whether or not the automated features occur when you arrive in a settlement flagged as part of the current contest.

Check My Settlement: Analyzes your settlement and recommends you add certain items to make the settlement function better as a City Plan for players.

Clear Highlighting: Clears the purple highlighting on items that are not available to all players. (This highlighting will automatically clear after a few minutes regardless, but this tool is available if you want to clear it immediately.)

Force Involvement Settings: This allows you to set the current settlement's rules to match the Sim Settlements 2 Involvement setting of your choice. For more details on the available Involvement settings, check out the City Manager 2078 holotape from Sim Settlements 2.

Setup Build Limit: Changes the current settlement to have the appropriate build limit for the contest (usually double the vanilla setting).

Spawn Settlers: Prompts you to select a number of settlers to spawn in the current settlement.

Take Over Contest Settlements: Takes control of, and reveals the map markers for the current contest settlements (assuming you have updated to the latest version). This will happen automatically if you answered that you are competing in the contest, but is available from here as well.

Upgrade All Plots: This will prompt you to select a level, and then all plots in the current settlement will begin upgrading to that level. This process can take a very long time, sometimes 30+ minutes depending on how many plots you have, and the speed of your processor.


This mod will be updated every month on the 28th to mark the next contest's settlement options, and any additional helpful tools we dream up.