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Tenpines TwoHundred is a compact settlement layout for Sim Settlements 2 playthroughs. The design relies on extensive use of interior plots and dense 1x1 residential plots. Notable elements: a player apartment, a mayor's office, a settler's workhouse, a settler's residence, and a pavilion.

Permissions and credits
Update 1.1.0 in a nutshell:

Core Layouts:

  • Core Layout 1.1.0 – Guard Stack redo and brick! But, also with some minor improvements to the grid layout, some give and take for pathing, and more settlement assets. Requires SS2 version 2.2.4 or newer.
  • Core Layout 1.0.2 – Formal update and replacement for version 1.0.1. Removed the ECO Universal Workbench, disconnected the Recruitment Beacon, and rotated the clock in the bunkhouse.
  • Core Layout 1.0.1 (renamed from ‘Core v1.1’) – sunsetting but still included in the plugin.

Other Notables:

  • One basic plot layout for use with 1.1.0, ripped directly from level 0 of my City 200 city plan.
  • The two original plot layouts are still included for use with 1.0.1 and 1.0.2.
  • Plot placement examples are now provided by the Plot Placement Guide article.
  • Article added describing the 1.1.0 Grid layout.
  • Article added to help convert an existing settlement to version 1.1.0

General Overview and Description:

Tenpines TwoHundred is a compact settlement layout for SS2 playthroughs. The design relies on extensive use of interior plots and dense 1x1 residential plots. The mechanical layouts share the same basic architectural plan and, except for the Guard Stack, are virtually identical in terms of plot placement. 

The Primary Structures:

The plan is designed to accommodate 28+ plots and features five primary structures: Service Building, Workhouse, Guard Stack, Bunkhouse, and Pavilion. The Service Building functionally breaks down into two parts: the 1st floor and ground level services area and the 2nd floor player loft and overflow.

  • Service Area: houses the bulk of the junk storage and built-in power and water production and has space for one interior plot.
  • Player Loft and Overflow: includes the basic amenities for survival: bed, sink, cooking station, various storage solutions, and more. It also has an open slot in the cabinetry that is sized for an ECO Universal Workbench.
  • Workhouse: designed for 8 interior plots and one 1x1 plot.
  • Guard Stack: designed for one 1x1 plot on top and one 2x2 plot at the bottom – use a 2x2 foundation plot with Core 1.1.0.
  • Bunkhouse: designed for four interior plots on the 1st floor and four 1x1 plots on the second floor.
  • Pavilion: designed for one standard 2x2 plot and two interior plots.

Settlement Assets by version (1.0.X/1.1.0):

  • Power (100/100) is provided by the electrical connector on the north wall of the Player's Apartment.
  • Water (28/48) primarily from the tanks located just outside the Service Building.
  • Defense (56/56) via vanilla turrets and spotlights.
  • Storage (16k/21k) locations: service building rack, (2x) below the service building floor, and (1x) under the Workhouse.

Requirements & Notices:


  • The Vault-tec dynamic bathroom furniture (bunkhouse 2nd floor) may need to be picked up and released in workshop mode to get the sinks and clutter to appear.
  • Fast Travel Mat (Service Building porch/entry): pick up and drop while in workshop mode.
  • The layout exceeds the settlement build boundary in a few places by a tile or so.

Plot Layouts:

  • Early testing suggests that setting the SS2 Auto-assign option to OFF before applying a plot layout may be a reliable method to avoid Stuck Plot flags, but my sample size is quite small… give it a try if you hate those flags…
  • The power grid may need to be re-established after applying the Plots layouts. Either manually reconnect the electrical nodes or use the WSFW Power Tools > Rebuild Power Grid and Wiring option at the settlement workbench.

General Requirements:

All DLCs
Sim Settlements 2 - version 2.2.4 or newer required for Core layout 1.1.0.
Vault-Tec Tools - soft requirement for the Dynamic furniture

Highly Recommended Mods:

Longer Power Lines - I use the 3x version.
Place Everywhere – especially for out-of-bounds items.
Workshop Plus – flight can be very helpful.

Highly Recommended SS2 Add-ons:

Bare Essentials - 1x1 Residential Plots.
Junk Town 2 - Interior Recreation Plots, 1x1 Commercial Plots, and Advanced 1x1 Martial Plots.
Tiny Living - 1x1 Residential Plots and 1x1 Sanitation Plot.
Vault-Tec Tools - Dynamic furniture, Interior Commercial Plots, and Interior Advanced Power/Water Plots.
Wasteland Venturers - Interior Commercial Plots, Interior and 2x2 Recreation Plots, and 3x3 Agricultural Plots.

Mods no longer required, but interesting:

Equipment and Crafting Overhaul – I am still personally using this mod, but not including it directly in my designs because it does not spawn correctly.