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UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Taffington Sing
Taffington is your Midnight Refuge, where you can shoot, sleep, swing, and sing! Uniquely fun with settlers and jobs numbering 21.

Permissions and credits

Midnight Refuge Series
Nightlife City Plans that Require A Lucky 13 Additional Mods
*Singing Settler also required for that version
One list of Plot Add-ons for all plans

Please, please don’t download this plan unless you have all the mods listed and are comfortable with multiple download locations. If you enjoy building and decorating, you likely have many of these already.

Why this plan is level three: 

What happened to the 20 mod list? 
My MODestly Settled plans require 20 mods, so I thought I’d trim that list to absolute minimum for just a few plans with this specific theme. We’ll see how these turn out. This is the first. Not sure how many I’ll do. Probably 3-4.

What’s with the theme?
It occurred to me that lore would absolutely have a nightlife scene, but I wanted it to still be fun. This is my way of addressing the need without going too far down the rabbit hole. Ya know?

 This plan is survival playthrough friendly and has a tiny refuge for the player upstairs.

To maintain a balance of nice and wasteland funky (and not completely bog down the workshop menu system), this mod list is what I came up with (there are four new mods marked with * for those who use my MODestly Settled plans):

You’ll want to have Designer’s Choice and Starting Plot Levels ON for these plans to build as designed. You can absolutely customize this plan by using only the add-ons you prefer, but I do consider this list essential - and it is the same list for my MODestly Settled Plans and most of my contest entries.

I want to thank Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for filling my secret gaming life with thousands of hours of fun and adventure! And a special thank you to that bunch of scrappy builders and kind moderators over at We Are Builders.

The following plot types are included at level 3: 
4 Agri, 2 Comm, 1 Indust, 2 Martial, 1 Muni, 2 Rec, 9 Res 
21 beds, 21 job (two are vanilla)

DJ Version: You’ll want to fix the plots, so READ the top of article. 
Sing Version: You’ll want to watch the video and/or read the article!

There are several items built out of bounds, but nothing that requires settlers to path. Keep that in mind should you decide to build anything in those zones yourself.  

Note: Inevitably, in all city plans, minor issues arise some of the time with no clear consistency. There are just so many scripts. 

  • Power likes to break. I usually start with one generator and Alex’s settlement power pylon. Check that connection first. 
  • If you see plots with no power, Start by grabbing any plot displaying the unpowered icon and then let it go -  to snap back into place. This resets the plot and usually forces it to find the radiant power. 
  • Rarely, you might want to throw in some direct power. You can always use the mod, Very Small Generators and place as needed.

Sometimes plots don’t build as intended. Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason beyond the obvious: 
  • You may not have the plots unlocked and if the plan got stuck, you won’t be able to build the correct plot.
  • I’m afraid the only way to get a plot you don’t yet have unlocked is to cheat and load all of the plot types. You can drop a desk and find it there in the console. tools/cheats/etc.

Because I use these plans myself, I still like to sprinkle in little touches on each playthrough. Here’s a few that didn’t make my MODestly Settled list:

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UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Jamaica Plain Outpost Requires 18 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Starlight Requires 18 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses RR Player Home Layout 
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge Jamaica Plain - Requires 13+ Mods
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Taffington Boathouse - Requires 13+ Mods
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Hangman's Alley - Requires 13+ mods
UNDRCVR MODestly Settled Plans 2023 - Require 20 mods
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