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Take a taste of Murkburgers at the brand new “Cafe 88”! This delicious brand of mystery-meat burger is betting that clean, secure outlets powered by modular building blueprints straight out of Vault 88 are going to be the key to breaking the hold that Power Noodles has on Boston's palette - and make plenty of caps for you!

Permissions and credits
Trade settlement based around Vault architecture, with an eye towards controlling access to living and working areas beyond the cafe itself.   Built using only base SS2 building plans, no additional add-on packs needed.


Jamaica Plains City Plan

L0: 6 jobs
L1: 10 jobs, Cafe 88 opens for business!
L2: 14 jobs, adds general store and comm hub
L3: 19 jobs, adds more shops, tax collector

Ready to break out of obscurity and into the hearts (and stomachs) of the Commonwealth, Murkburger has teamed up with the recently-revealed Vault 88 to provide a dining experience like no other in the Commonwealth!  Clean, secure and bursting with pre-war style aren't things that can be said about many 
places these days, but that's exactly what you'll get when you walk through the doors of Cafe 88 and back in time to the height of Vault-Tec opulence!

The timeless styling of this outpost will help it grow from tiny outlet to bustling trade post as the days go by, and carefully positioned defenses will keep travelers in the area safe from any ferals still hiding in the ruined buildings nearby.  All the while, the great profits turned by this commercial haven will be powering YOUR pockets - keep your account ready for some BIG deposits!