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Workshop Framework SS2 Settlement Layouts. Includes 16 settlements in varying degrees of completeness (all of them have defense, water and food).

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I've been working on a bunch of settlement layouts and then started a new game for some other testing. And another game for some other testing, etc. So, by the time I came back around to work on these, I couldn't find them. After many hours of searching (and panic) I finally found them. At that point I decided to upload them here, so I won't lose them again.

These are very much still a work in progress but I'm going to keep them available in case anyone would like to use them. Eventually, I want to create levelled city plans with these.

UPDATE: I've created a levelled city plan for Hangman's Alley from this pack: Hangman's Alley SS2 City Plan


  • Workshop Framework - Won't work without it.
  • Sim Settlements 2 - Most of the layouts are built on SS2 plots and use a lot of items from SS2. Without it, you'd have some holes in walls, missing support posts, etc. The Slog and Coastal Cottage would work without SS2 as I haven't gotten to the point of adding plots yet. Nordhagen Beach as well. County Crossing would also mostly work, but you'd need to plant some crops.
  • Snappy HouseKit - Only needed for the Visitor's Center and Echo Lake Lumber.
  • Snappy DLC Kits - Only needed for the Visitor's Center and Echo Lake Lumber.
  • Craftable Castle Walls - Needed for The Castle.


  • SS2 Addons listed under requirements - The mods I have listed are what I have installed and for the most part, they are not required. You will just need to use different building plans for the plots, and of course it won't look like my pics. Of the mods listed, I would definitely recommend the following: Sim Settlements 2 - Tiny LivingSim Settlements 2 - From Sanctuary to Concord - Building Plans Module (especially for Sanctuary, but I used it in a few others as well), Jampads 2 - a Sim Settlements 2 Add-on
  • Place Everywhere - I always recommend this one. Makes it easier to build stuff and extra object selection allows you to scrap more stuff (but will not allow scrapping of anything that is part of precombines, so it won't break your game).
  • Quick Start Settlement Gizmo - This is a mod I created for when I'm not in the mood to work on a newly acquired settlement, but found it also works really well for SS2 settlements due to the disconnect between resources settlements show on the pip-boy and what is actually there. It's really noticeable if you allow upgrades when you are not around. I've lost settlements due to low happiness because of this glitch (it's a vanilla bug exacerbated by SS2 auto building stuff) so I plop one of these down and then I don't have to worry about it. Of course, it's up to you if you want to use it or not.
  • Crimsomrider's Convenient Resources (FOOD-WATER-POWER) - I use just the POWER option. If you don't use this, you may need to do some manual wiring. I did start to wire up the laser turrets at the castle, but I don't know if I finished them or not. Sanctuary has a couple spotlights that will need to be wired if you don't use this.
  • Stocked Vendor Counter Display Cases - Adds items to the empty vendor cases. It's just a mesh replacer so no conflicts.
  • Commonwealth and DLC Cleanup - This is one of my mods. I use it in the screenshots and is why everything looks so clean. It uses textures and material files to hide trash and rubble without breaking precombines. It can't hide everything, so there are still piles of rubble, like in the one Sanctuary house where the fan is laying on the floor, but I try to build around those piles and hide them as best as I can. 
  • Wasteland Workshop Lettering Retexture - Make Your Own Signs - This is a simple texture replacer for the the ugly workshop lettering from Wasteland Workshop. Makes it look handwritten instead of the rectangular sticker look.


Includes the following settlements in varying degrees of completeness (all of them have defense, water and food).
NOTE: I highly recommend against using Sanctuary, Abernathy and Red Rocket all at the same time in the same game. It's the triangle of death. Plus, my Sanctuary plan is huge.

  • Abernathy Farm - This is mostly just a bunch of plots and not much other stuff going on. There's a building next to the old farmhouse with residential plots for the Abernathys and the original house has been turned into a commercial center with a rooftop bar. 
  • The Castle - Probably the place I've spent the most time on, other than Sanctuary. Pretty complete but I want to eventually create a levelled city plan for this.
  • Coastal Cottage - Definitely not complete. I don't think there are any plots here. There's a building and an bunch of beds thrown in, but no decorating or anything like that.
  • County Crossing - Another one that's getting close to being finished. It has a junk fence all the way around, a few buildings and plots. Some of the buildings do still need decorating though.
  • Croup Manor - Finishing touches still needed on this one.
  • Dalton Farm - Same as Abernathy, mostly just a bunch of plots thrown down.
  • Echo Lake Lumber - The building has been completely rebuilt. You will need Snappy HouseKit and Snappy DLC Kits for this one.
  • Greentop Nursery - Not much here. Started to put walls in the house to enclose it and put down a couple plots.
  • Hangman's Alley - This one is a monster. Lots of buildings and plots crammed into this little space.
  • Nordhagen Beach - I don't believe I have any plots here yet. It was a vanilla settlement build that I was planning to convert to an SS2 City Plan.
  • Red Rocket Truck Stop - Just some plots thrown down. Nowhere near complete.
  • Sanctuary - I've spent a ton of time on this. I started with the ending cut scene and just went from there. Still not done though. Some houses still need finishing touches.
  • The Slog - A work in progress for sure. There are no plots here. You will also need to use Place Everywhere extra object selection to remove all the beds. 
  • Sunshine Tidings - Another one that's mostly complete but needs some finishing touches.
  • Taffington Boathouse - Not a lot going on here. Plots thrown down and the 2nd floor ceiling fixed. 
  • Visitor's Center - Same as Echo, the building has been completely rebuilt. You will need Snappy HouseKit and Snappy DLC Kits for this one.

I'll try to get photos up of all of the settlements soon.


Hit Manage at the workshop (this is usually the space bar) then go to Settlement Layout > Build/Manage Layouts then Use this Layout. Use the scrap everything option.

NOTES: At Abernathy and The Slog, there are items with candles on them. WSFW won't scrap the candles, so I suggest manually scrapping those items first. You will also need to use Place Everywhere extra object selection (Insert key by default) to remove all the beds, or some other method (console for example). They are not part of precombines so it's safe to remove them.

Lots more detailed info in the video below from kinggath