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Omega Outpost is a safe haven for 23 - with a player apartment, trade center, three houses, four bunker/guard posts and an awesome shooting range; near enough to HQ to be an important hub, yet independent and able to stand on its own.

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Law and Order?
Two things your family always stood for. But this world… this bizarre, toxic, hopeful world has turned those old standards upside-down. There have been many dark days. Days when you thought the ghouls and muties would overtake everything. At one point, you even wondered if it was worth the bother.

And yet… here comes the CPD, trying to enforce the law with a 200+ year-old judge! Jake's earnest vision for a new ‘Wealth have certainly changed your idea of purpose, even with Aiden’s warnings of impending war. And now your new friends at the FSD have drawn you into… well, that’s another story. 

But you’ve realized it’s time for a new vision. Simpler, really. It’s time for the ‘Wealth to rise again and be a place for – humanity – united. So no more ‘every settlement for itself’. If war is coming again… then leadership and resource management are a must. But… we can’t lose sight of the real goal: Renewal – and yeah… maybe with a little law and order.  

You’ll want to have Designer’s Choice and Starting Plot Levels ON for these plans to build as designed. The list of Add-Ons below are what I will use for all SS2 plans I build for the foreseeable future. Occasionally, a new one might be added; some good ones are coming! Those with bullets are used in this specific plan.

Jampads 2 - a Sim Settlements 2 Add-on
SimHomestead 2 - A SimSettlements 2 addon
Sim Settlements 2 - Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack
Sim Settlements 2 - Far Harbor Expansion
Sim Settlements 2 - Pra's Random Addon 2 
Sim Settlements 2 - Tiny Living
SS2 Industrial Revolution of the Wasteland (Add-on Pack)
SS2 Support Structures of the Wasteland (Add-on Pack)

I want to thank Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for filling my secret gaming life with thousands of hours of fun and adventure! And a special thank you to that bunch of scrappy builders and kind moderators over at We Are Builders.

This settlement includes a player home and is survival playthrough friendly.

The following plot types are included to support 23 settlers at level 3: 
2 Agri, 3 Comm, 2 Indust, 4 Martial, 5 Muni, 4 Rec, 16 Res      

There are two vanilla guard stations at the entrance meant to be assigned to a strong robot.
The Settlement Levels (# of jobs & beds) are designed to be: 10, 13, 17, 23. settlers respectively at L0, L1, L2, L3.  However, the plan will upgrade early at 5, 8, 11, 16 settler plots/beds respectively, in case you don’t have the required mods with multiple npc plots. However, it will not look/work right if you do not use those mods.

*Things to Note:

  • You will absolutely need to increase your settlement budget once, by 200-300%. I usually just build and increase it afterward by 100%. This seems to work for me.
  • Just like the traps in Sanctuary, you will need to remove any traps with console or insert key with Place Everywhere after the plan builds.

In case you’re wondering, this is the biggest plan I’ve ever built to date. I’ll be doing extensive testing and plan to use it in my own playthrough. But… in my experience, mixing in some one-level plans seems to help with the script lag issues caused by all the mods we love + many plans all leveling up during gameplay.

Note: Inevitably, in all city plans, minor issues arise some of the time with no clear consistency. There are just so many scripts. It just happens. So let’s do a quick checklist: 

  • Do you have settlers standing around in clumps doing nothing? Scripts + ‘too many settlers’ (turrets and spotlights count as ‘settlers’) is the likely reason. Consider using THIS awesome extra mod ‘More NPCs’ by Gorgulia. You do not need Realistic Convos. 
  • Power. It likes to break. 

  • Start by grabbing any plot displaying the unpowered icon and then let it go -  to snap back into place. This resets the plot and usually forces it to find the radiant power. In testing, this almost always works.

If you have power issues beyond what I’ve described here, I recommend these options:

Like the diversity of my modded plans and have some or all of those mods already? Here’s one way to liven up the wasteland:
Get Base Object Swapper and Add:
Sniper00's swaps for V’s Stylish Decor, Creative Clutter, Renovated Furniture and more!

So many mods, so little room! 
Climbable Ladders for Settlements These are much more usable and cool to replace the ones I use in my plans - or to build awesome stuff yourself!
EoW - Pre-War Books Retexture - Changes all book covers in game. Great way to improve the vanilla clutter assets.
Settlement Activity Markers These provide more things for settlers to do (in addition to some important assets) While the markers don’t export in City Plans, they can be used in game to liven up your settlements! 


Just want to switch out some of those ugly vanilla paintings? I download all of these and make one folder with the replacements that I prefer.
Bob Ross Happy Little Paintings
New Paintings for Player Home
More Paintings for the discerning homemaker

I also use Atom Bomb Pinups with Art Connoisseur in my playthroughs. NSFW

Damanding/CrayonKit’s Settlement Building Mods Guides 
PC: https://damanding.xyz/settlement-building-mods-guide/ 
Best of PC: https://damanding.xyz/best-of-the-settlement-mods/ 
Displays & Collectibles: https://damanding.xyz/displays-collectibles/

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