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A patch to edit dialogue from Sim Settlements 2 to acknowledge your surviving wife from the Nora Spouse Companion mod

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This is currently a WIP, as I'm not too intimate with the entire SS2 Ch1 and Ch2 questline.
However, I will continue to update this mod as people let me know and as I continue to go through the SS2 story.

This mod will edit the dialogue from the SS2 storyline to avoid/alter mentioning that the player's wife is dead, in order to be immersive with the Nora Spouse Companion mod.

Mod is esl flagged as well.


You need SS2 installed as well as Nora Spouse Companion mod.
Install via your mod manager of choice.

Edits so far:

Quest: Casting a Line:
Main player does not mention their wife is dead when talking to Jake.


In order for this mod to work, it depends on the 'O spouse where art thou' quest to be triggered, which starts when you normally exit out of Vault 111 in a vanilla intro.

This means quickstart means like SKK or SMU will not be supported, as the quest may not trigger properly using those mods.

Thank you to Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team, as well as House Variable for making the Nora Spouse Companion mod.