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About this mod

**MASTERS 2022 CITY PLAN CONTEST ENTRY** A levelled city plan for Sim Settlements 2, designed for 20 settlers. Starlight Drive-In is a zoo! Come see mirelurks, radstags, deathclaws, and more! (Zoo management not responsible for any injuries or deaths.)

Permissions and credits
This is a Starlight Drive-In levelled city plan for Sim Settlements 2, created in May 2022 for the Sim Settlements 2 Masters City Plan Contest. Designed for 20 settlers at level 3.

Starlight Drive-In is a zoo! Come see mirelurks, radstags, deathclaws, and more!
(Zoo management not responsible for any injuries or deaths.)

Self-sufficient with adequate junk storage for upgrades, and includes a player home and workshop. And lots of dangerous animals that glitch out of their cages all the time... ;o

Required Mods

Sim Settlements 2 Addon Packs Used (in order of my estimation of importance to this city plan, I'd say top 5 are mandatory)
Long story short, a settlement's farm animals became an a zoo attraction initially for 3 young children that lived nearby, and it grew from there...

Creator Notes
Huge thanks to kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for running this contest and making it so accessible! And thanks to my fellow competitors for the friendly atmosphere we cultivated while building.

Install Steps & Known Issues/Quirks
1. Download and install like any other mod.
2. Build the City Planner Desk from SS2.  Select "Starlight Zoo" and then tear it all down!
3. Wait.
4. Profit.

I used 2 ADVANCED MARTIAL PLOTS at L2 and L3.  If you want to make sure your settlers can work these plots, regardless of their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. scores, I suggest you turn Assignment Requirements to OFF in the Sim Settlements 2 -> Gameplay -> Assignment settings. Otherwise, there is an agility training recreational plot from L0 that should train some of them up.

I've been doing a longterm playtest of this city plan in my own game over the last two months! Here are some things I noticed.
  • The city plan levelled up on its own with only minor intervention. Some other plots needed manual refreshing after a level up, but that's a normal Sim Settlements/game engine thing. Happiness is not a problem at any level, as long as the plots are worked.
  • The deathclaw: It WILL escape from its cage. The visitors to the theatre plot will attack it. The level 1 deathclaw will likely get out of its cage and run away, and a bunch of your settlers will chase it. Level 3 deathclaw often becomes hostile to everyone, but I've never had it kill any of my settlers. The far harbour sea creatures from the fish plot and the deathclaw may attack eachother if they get close.
  • The animals caught in the cages from Wasteland Workshop DLC will be friendly for the most part, but escape from their cages ALL THE TIME and the yao guai often becomes hostile somehow... again, most often with visitors. There's always some sort of mayhem going on when I visit this settlement! Makes it a lot of fun. :D
  • Power grid issues: These are a common issue with WSFW/Sim Settlements 2 right now. I had to use the "cpg" and "pg" console commands to check the grid was ok, and rewire it often. I suggest using the "self-power" option when you apply your city plan to save yourself some headaches.
  • "Designers Choice" issues: I've noticed that my city plans don't usually choose the right plots to build for 1x1 plots. No idea why this is. If you want to know what the right ones are, leave a comment for me and I'll find the time to document them. Most of the problem plots are houses though, not animals, so it's not completely necessary.

Detailed Info
Plot Counts (at Level 3)
  • Agricultural Plot :: 6
  • Commercial Plot :: 4
  • Industrial Plot :: 2
  • Martial Plot :: 2
  • Municipal Plot :: 3
  • Recreational Plot :: 5
  • Residential Plot :: 15