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Once a thriving sawmill and tourist site, Echo Lake occupied a key point in the Island's power grid. Now reclaimed from the Fog, it is time to restore it to operation and open it to the public once again.

Well-rounded industry base supplemented by multiple commercial options. Leaves space in the parking lot and waterside for player add

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Far Habour's citizens want to reclaim the Island's former status, and Echo Lake Lumber was one of the main industrial sites supporting them.  Why not rebuild it, rather than tearing down still-useable structures and putting in more effort to start from scratch?   Thick, well-sealed wood walls made from Island timber can keep out Fog, Ghouls and Trappers alike, and provide a welcoming home in what used to be a ruin.


Level 0: 6 job plots (Power, Water, Caravan, Building Materials Industry, two Martial plots)

Level 1: 12 job plots (adds main building Commercial plots, two Agriculture plots, Organics and Machine Parts industrial)

Level 2: 15 job plots (adds Rooftop Bar, Sawmill, dockside Martial)

Level 3: 18 job points (adds Clinic, dockside Machine Parts industrial, and waterside Martial plot)


Settlement includes residential complexes inside the main building, as well as in a separate apartment complex accessed by both elevator and stairs (as settler pathing doesn't use the elevator very well).  Similarly, stairs to the roofs of the restored outbuildings are present at L3 so that settlers who appear on the roof (thanks, Bethesda!) actually have a way back down again without the player having to sleep to reset their position.

City plan focuses on rebuilding and using the existing structures that were already present on the site - no need to scrap the run-down buildings this time!
Lots of space left for the player to build additional structures in the main parking lot and on the water side of the main building.