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Adds 30+ plots including six raised bed gardens, six shack homes, basic power windmill, basic water outhouse and three specialized scrap scavvers.. More to come!

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Welcome to the Sim Settlements 2 add-on pack Ruined Homes and Gardens 2.0! This will be an evolving archive of my current and future Sim Settlements 2 addition and will be constantly changing as I create new content for Sim settlements 2 and Fallout 4.

Scav Shak
Fruit Cellar Shack
little Corner Shack
Porch Lovers Shack
Short Stilts Shack
Big truck Shack
Capsule Shack

Good Value Garden (raisedbed)
Large Corner Garden (raisedbed)
Lucky Garden Garden (raisedbed)
Slim Pickens Garden (raisedbed)
Small Corner Garden (raisedbed)
Two Step Garden (raisedbed)
Garden Cases - front (interior plot)
Garden Cases - side (interior plot)
Hard times Garden (interior plot)

Bar Stall
Clinic Stall
Clothing Stall
General Goods Stall

Windmill (Basic Power)
Outhouse (Basic Water)

Scavenger Metal Forge
Scavenger Tech Depot
Scavenger Fuel Depot
Small Compost Shed

All Buildings Feature

Settler Navigation (Yes)
Construction Stages (Yes)
Randomized Clutter (Yes)


Updating Notice:
When updating to a new version of the addon, it might be necessary to refresh the existing plots in order to get the upgraded features.

Special Thanks!
All of the Sim Settlements Discord Folks! Quick to answer questions and help out any way they can!
Kinggath, for making Sim Settlements, and putting up with all of us who are not worthy!

Other Stuff I Do:
Concept Art & Illustration by Ruinedworld