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Brings Brahmin Variations and Sim Settlements 2 together so almost all Brahmins now spawn in 4 different skins. For the Immersion!

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Brings Brahmin Variations and Sim Settlements 2 together so the Pet-Brahmins from your Settlers and all the Brahmins from the Brahmin Farm Agricultural Plot don't look the same anymore.
For the Immersion!

Versions used:
Brahmin Variations v1.2 ESLified ESP
Workshop Framework v2.3.4
Sim Settlements 2 v2.3.1a

The randomization of the Agricultural Plot Brahmin should be immediate however the Pet-Brahmins from your settlers need a refresh for the randomization to kick in.
If you want to see some randomization on already spawned Pet-Brahmin:
open console; click the Brahmin; type in "recycleactor" without the quotes; press enter; close console.
The Brahmin will disappear and respawn somewhere nearby. Best to use a trough (Workshop menu; Resources → Miscellaneous) to lurk it back to a fixed and known position. Just wait a minute until it comes back to the trough to check the randomization. If it didn't change it's skin you hit the 25% (1/4th) chance for the original skin or it's another brahmin (might happen more often then you think). ;) Try again.

Made 100% with xEdit and love! ESL flagged ESP.

Can safely be installed midgame. Existing Pet-Brahmins from your settlers might need a "recycleactor" command through console on them to get the randomization. Read text above for details - thanks.

If you like this mod please take the time to write at least a "+1" or something in the comments because it took way more time to get this page, all the screenshots, the packaging and uploading together as actually creating the mod. Maybe I have some more "bring together for the Immersion" things for you. But I would like to see that it's worth all the effort. Hint: It's about the Tesla Rifle and Power Armors. ;)

If you made it till here thanks for reading, enjoy and have a nice day!

Thanks to:
kinggath and Team for Sim Settlements
Zorkaz for his wonderful mod
ElminsterAU and everybody involved for xEdit
Todd - it just works!