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Your Lair and Command Center with room for 16 settlers.

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Quiet Command
The battle was fierce. But somehow, these robots are now your problem. Stan has been encouraging you to use more robots as guards since Graygarden became a settlement; but this… situation has you concerned. 

You catch Stan out of the corner of your eye, talking with Ada. You motion for them to join you.

As Stan saunters over, you point at the robobrain run computers, “How will settlements ever trust our guards when we have to simultaneously warn them of robot attacks?”

"..." You and Stan exchange looks. "..."

To be sure you enjoy Stan’s city as planned, this mod requires the following with Designer's Choice and Starting Plot Levels: ON

I want to thank Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for filling my secret gaming life with thousands of hours of fun and adventure! And a special thank you to that bunch of scrappy builders and kind moderators over at We Are Builders.

The following plot types are included at level 3: 
2 Agri, 2 Comm, 1 Indust, 1 Martial, 3 Muni, 3 Rec, 10 Res     

16 Beds (one is vanilla), There are actually 18 jobs available. 19 if you count the three vanilla guard stations; however, I prefer using a robot for these stations)

The Settlement Levels are designed to be: 5, 9, 13, 17. settlers respectively at L0, L1, L2, L3.

*Things to Note:

  • The settlers won’t usually go to their beds as this location has pathing issues. They really like to hang out at the soda fountain. You can easily delete it (since there are extra jobs), but they will then spend even more time in your player apartment. You’ll also find they go up and down the stairs endlessly. Welcome to Mech Lair.
  • You will absolutely need to increase your settlement budget once, by 100%. 

In case you’re wondering, I’ve played with this settlement and about fourteen others around the same size without any issues, but load orders vary. Script heavy mods together with SS2 and lots of city plans can lead to different results. It does seem to help if some settlements load at L3 rather than build up. If you’re into mods and building, check out my MODestly Settled plans

This settlement includes a player home and is survival playthrough friendly with the following accommodations:

  • Vanilla water, food, and a nice warm bed
  • A Badass Throne 
  • A desk with a terminal
  • All crafting stations

Note: Inevitably, in all city plans, minor issues arise some of the time with no clear consistency. There are just so many scripts. It just happens. So let’s do a quick checklist: 

1) Power. It likes to break. In this settlement, most power originates at the one generator (blue smoke) and extends through the settlement from there.  
  • Start by grabbing any plot displaying the unpowered icon and then let it go -  to snap back into place. This resets the plot and usually forces it to find the radiant power. In testing, this worked 100% of the time with this settlement.

If you have power issues beyond what I’ve described here, I recommend these options:

2) In testing I found that sometimes a couple of plots don’t build as intended. There should be 16 beds total. I used all of Ohnno’s plots (5) upstairs on the one side, and three multiple bed plots (Two, ‘Fits 2’ and one, ‘2 Bonks') by D-D-D-Decade. One of SirLach’s right-side plots is used as well. 

Because I use these plans myself, I like to allow for a bit of personalization and sprinkle of plants, furniture exchanges, etc., particularly in or around the player home. In case you'd like to know some of my favs, those mods are:

Art Connoisseur System - A Framework Love this mod and you will too (oodles of pictures, calendars).
Creative Gardens and Spring Add-on from FrogPrincess Discord more interesting plants, pots, etc.
CWSS As I mentioned, I like to do things at settlements, even if it’s just taking a shower. Note: This link takes you to a thread in the Creative Modding Discord Server. You must join/accept rules/choose roles to get to this thread. But since there’s also help for F04 City Plans (and so much more) there, it’s worth your time to join. Just remember to be nice and follow the rules.
Looks Mirror An essential in my book. Great companion to CWSS.
Immersive Fast Travel Highly recommended because you’ll like it (motorcycle or other transport station).
Videos of the Wasteland I have taken this one on and off my list, but in the end, I love to see a working TV in a settlement.

Bethesda.net Options that I've used for years and consider essentials for making a nicer player home:
Creative Clutter 
Do it Yourshelf 
Modular Kitchens 

Off-Site Option that I love:
V’s Stylish Decor One of my favorite mods of all time. This and Creative Clutter together are my essentials.

Generally recommended mods that would improve this (or any) settlement are:
Alex’s Settlement Power Pylon It’s a nice cheat to have on hand for settlement-wide radiant power.
cVc Dead Wasteland Such a wonderful, lore friendly mod with oodles of good stuff
Lighting Series - All In One I don’t play without it.
Seasons by frogprincessQ4. I am using Autum right now with this settlement and it’s so pretty. Yes, I’ve tried the others. And they are awesome. But I really like that I can: 
1) install and change the seasons on a whim (and not break my save)  and 
2) it’s just one mod for grasses and trees and comes with LOD. For most of my city plans, you’ll want to consider using something green and if you don’t use Seasons, perhaps use something like Delightful Ivy.
V’s Books Retexture - Changes all book covers in game. Great way to improve the vanilla clutter assets.

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