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Coastal residences for 10 settlers, up to 18 for third level of plan.

Use Designer's Choice for City Plan, increase build limit to 300%
Player will need to upgrade agricultural and martial plots to advanced when skilled settlers are available.

Permissions and credits
Sim Settlements 2 City Plan for the July 2021 City Plan Contest.

At level 3, the settlement will have:
   - one 1x1, three 2x2
   - one 2x2, one interior
   - 4 Interior
   - two  1x1, one 2x2
   - three  2x2 water, power, caravan and one interior sanitation   
   - one interior for Relaxation, two 2x2 for Agility and Endurance
   - All interior

For same appearance, please use listed addons and Designer's Choice: ON
Please increase your settlement's build limit to 300%

Thank you to:
- Kinggath, Sim Settlements Dev Team, City Plan Contest Planners & Judges, and Building Plan Addon Authors
For questions and issues, please contact @Cessori on the Sim Settlements 2 Forums

Add Ons Used for Designer's Choice:
Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack
Junk Town 2 Addon Pack
PRA's Random Addon Pack
Ruined Homes and Gardens
Tiny Living by Freddrick
Wasteland Venturers for Sim Settlements 2