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Save game where Settlements Unlocked - Magazine Found and Stranger Arrives 1.00E

Did the Unlocks (see pics) so you can concentrate on the Sim Settlements 2 questing instead of the unlocking of each of the settlements.

Unlocked Settlements are non-quest. This Save Game is to help all of you with some issues of starting the Tut

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Since many have issues getting the "Stranger" to appear and with the tutorials used to unlock the various plots and upgrades, I have created this save game for quick start up.

What you will find when you load - tested - a generator, a pylon, and radio beacon --- COMPLETE the connection and the Stranger will appear next to the melons.

All the other settlements are unlocked - except for Quest related settlements.

All settlements have my modified small generator for happiness, beds, food, and defense.  I have included my ESL tagged ESP generator used - it modifies the vanilla generator - 6 food / 6 beds / 3 power / happiness / 100 power.

This is based on latest version 1.00E

Load order:

Fallout 4
UnOfficial Fallout 4 Patch
Small Resource Generator - BaBa Test

That's it... you do you and add your mods as you want.


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