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Allow child settlers to interact with more objects in Sim Settlement 2 plots and settlements.

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Orphans of the Commonwealth - More ChildrenANiceOakTree's Diverse ChildrenChildrens of Settlements, Unique NPCs and maybe others will add children as settlers. See my mod Merged Child Mods with Extras for what I use. Sim Settlements 1 only allowed children to be assigned to agriculture plots but Sim Settlements 2 allows them to be assigned to other plots. However they don't use most beds and interact with very little objects in their assigned plot or with other animation markers that are part of Sim Settlements 2. This is my attempt to fix these issues.

Weeding was one of the few things children do. Now they will use 59 animation markers built into Sim Settlements 2. They will also use 32 sleeping furniture in Sim Settlements 2.

Are a number of objects a child will still not use either because they don't have the animation to use them or their height makes the animation look very bad. An example is a child will now hammer a wall but will not hammer a table top because they would be hammering through the table top down to a lower height. Some of the important things they won't do is sit in a chair or lean forward on hands on a counter. This makes children bad choices for shops that sell things. I recommend not assigning them to commerce plots or to reassign them if get auto assigned.

Some addon make their own copy of the furniture records in Sim Selttlements 2. In this case they will not have the changes I have made. If you know of an addon that has beds not being used by a child please post and if I get time will make a patch for them.

To try to explain some confusion, my mod Merged Child Mods with Extras makes objects in the base game usable by children. This mod makes items specifically in Sim Settlements 2 work for children.

I also have Sim Settlements Children Support for Sim Settlements 1. That mod I spent many hours testing each animation to make sure it works for children. This mod I have not been able to do this but only modified records that use the same meshes/nifs that my other mod changed.

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