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All new - Coastal Cottage, the vacation destination of the Commonwealth, has been completely renovated. The City Plan has been redesigned to include SS2 Chapter 2 sanitation, hospital and power transfer plots, improved plot organization and added walkways to improve settler pathing.
Please see additional details below for important informati

Permissions and credits
This is a completely modified version of my original Coastal Cottage - Vacation Destination City Plan.  After the release of SS2 Chapter 2, I wanted to update this city plan to include the new Chapter 2 elements to protect settlers from disease and to have the ability to share power with HQ. I took this as an opportunity to make a number of improvements to the City Plan to give the settlement a better look and feel.  If you prefer the original version (CoastalCottageVacationCityPlan - Original Version), it is still available for download (link here for a video tour of the original version).  A trailer for the updated SS2 Chapter 2 version can be found here. 

Changes made in this version:
  • Added sanitation, hospital and power transfer plots.
  • Improved pathing by adding walkways through the rubble.
  • The lodging in the original version looked more residential than motel.  In this version, I built my own lodging that has more of a roadside motel (aka Nuka-Tel) look.  
  • The Fun House in the original version was a pathing nightmare for settlers and I frequently found them trapped inside.  I eliminated the fun house and made the house into a bumper car ride (non-operational).
  • The agricultural plots are better organized and accessible by settlers.
  • The Nuka-Cade game area was expanded.
  • Added more beds to support 20 settlers at L3.
  • A fusion core generator was added for additional power generation.
  • More turrets were added for extra defense.
The new version is available as a standard 3 level City Plan where the settlers will build-up the entertainment area and the Nuka-tel lodging over time. It is also available as the completely finished L3 design. If using this option, the entire settlement will build with all plots at L3.

Special info for the L3 finished design plan
  • Using either MCM or the holotype, be sure that you have set Starting Plot Levels to ON (Gameplay/City Building).
  • After installing (after the cinematic portion), the plots will not be at L3. However they will continue to update to L3 on their own.  Depending on your computer, this could take 15 minutes or more to complete.  You don’t have to remain in the settlement for this process to complete.
  • The buttons and numbers on the Nuka-Cade games don’t immediately show up.  Fast travel or walk a distance from the settlement and when you return they will appear. 

Please read the following helpful information prior to installing either option.
  • Always save before starting.
  • If you are using the original Vacation Destination City Plan or any other City Plan, you have to install this one from the City Planner desk (as a completely new City Plan - the old plan cannot be “refreshed”). For this reason, I am also including a file to install the completely finished L3 design if you don’t want to wait for your settlement to build up again. The L3 completed design also installs from the City Planner desk like any other city plan.
  • If you currently are using a City Plan or have built a large settlement, prior to installing this City Plan, scrap the settlement using Workshop Framework scrap feature. It is faster and will efficiently scrap everything. At the red workshop bench, select the Manage option and Scrap Settlement. 
  • Increase the build size to at least 350%.
  • Ensure the following are scrapped from the un-developed vanilla settlement: the metal bed and cardboard boxes on the second floor of the dilapidated house, the car seat on the 1st floor of the dilapidated house and the blue car. I have found that they may not automatically scrap.  If you forget, you can be scrap them after the settlement is built.
  • If you are currently using the original Coastal Cottage Vacation Destination City Plan, scrap the Nuka-World Nuka-Cade games prior to installing any other City Plan - otherwise the buttons and numbers on the games will remain.
  • Suggest turning OFF Junk storage requires defense (SS2 holotype or MCM - Gameplay/Difficulty) to prevent the need to spam turrets to meet the defense need. 

Helpful tips
  • If your settlement has settlers before you install a City Plan, there is a chance some of the plots that build will be the wrong plot.  If this occurs, you can change the plot to the correct plot (or any plot of your choice) using the ASAM sensor.
  • Short on resources? You can free build in SS2 by changing the SS2 gameplay settings in MCM or the holotype.
  • As the City Plans level up, furniture, buildings may be deleted and rebuilt.  Be careful with storing items in containers until you reach L3 when all building is complete.
  • Anything that you build will not be deleted by the City Plan when it levels up.  However, other items might get built in the same place where you have built items.  To be safe, wait until L3 until building items in the settlement.

Known issues
  • The buttons and numbers on the Nuka-Cade games don’t immediately show up.  Fast travel or walk a distance from the settlement and when you return they will appear. 
  • The fast travel mat doesn’t work. Suggest storing/scrapping the mat and then re-build it. The platform at the top of steps at the settlement entrance (near the clinic) is a safe place as this area does not change when the City Plan levels up.
  • At L3, there is part of a lamp that will appear (in the air) outside of the settlement boundary on the east side (near the caravan plot).  I am unable to eliminate this from the plan (tried everything).  It is safe to delete or disable it.

This settlement utilizes the following plans:



Hobo Workshop - uituit
Gravel Processing - Ohnno



Nightingale Hospital - Tinuvia
Caravan Logistics Office - Kinggath
Night Dribblets - Myrmarachne
Power Tower - Myrmarachne
Danger High Voltage - Captain Laser Beam and Turmoil Priest 2003
Trash Fire - Freddrick



Small Beacon - uituit
Checkpoint - Kinggath



Rabbit Hutch - Freddrick
Mini Farm - uituit
Large Corner Garden - Ruinedworld



Pizza Parlor - Myrmarachne
Smoking Room - uituit
Floating Garden - uituit
Mini-Memory Den - Fredderick

Thanks to Kinggath for Sim Settlements 2

Thanks to the authors of the following Addon packs used in this City Plan
Jampads 2 - a Sim Settlements 2 Add On
Ruined Homes and Gardens
Sim Settlements 2- Junk Town 2 Addon Pack
Sim Settlements 2 - Tiny Living
Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack