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Settlement Plan for the Nuka World Red Rocket Station.
Selfsustaining, Player home & training opportunities for all S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes

Permissions and credits
My entry for the September2022 CPC.

Since the Sole Survior secured the Nuka World area, some brave settlers started to build their houses near the old Red Rocket Station. Over time this will develop into a town with most of the industry & all the training opportunities, and a small farming village.

The settlement supports 14/20/26/31 settlers with beds/jobs/recreation on the different City Stages. It is in theory self sustaining, but in the last stage it requires your settler to have high endurance. (Otherwise you might have to import a tiny bit of food). After level 2 your industry will only create building material en mass, but will have  3 conversion plots, which will turn the building material in organic/machine/rare parts. If this doesn't work well with your other settlements, simply change the conversion plots to something you prefer in level 3.

Since it might be your only Settlement in Nuka World, it gets a hospital in level 2.

It also features a small Playerhome in the Red Rocket and the vanilla workbenches.

Potential Problems

If there is a problem with the automatic wiring, try re-wiring or manual wiring for the problem spots.

This plan uses a plot that requires the Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack from Creation Club. If you do not have this, SimSettlements 2 will substitute a random plot of the same type, from all of your installed addons. This is not a bug.

Since there is sometimes trouble with the CityPlan Upgrade engine due to script lag or the assigned settler not having the required attribute level, I added a rough map plus the key of my city plan to the Miscellaneous Download section, for those who wish to use the same plots.


KingGath for Sim Settlement 2
The Discord people for patience & kindness
especially Yagisan for his incredible useful WabbaJack List
Ohnno for Scrappers
TurmoilPriest2003 for Jampads 2
Myrmarachne and Tinuvia for Wasteland Venturers
Uituit for Junk Town 2
fftfan for SS2 Superstructures

GwensTheName for Settlers at Play
SirLach for Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack
Freddrick for Tiny Living
RuinedWorld for Ruined Homes and Gardens 2.0
Mikimikinyan for So I made Plans

Pra for Pra's Random Addon 2
And Snatex for Pack Caravan Snatex