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Hangman's is now your Midnight Refuge where you can stay, play and pay. 18 settlers. Player Refuge.

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Midnight Refuge Series
Nightlife City Plans that Require a Lucky 13 Additional Mods
*This plan also requires a safe location mod↓
One list of Plot Add-ons for all plans
NEW Singing Settler Version! (See Article, Video and File)

Please, please don’t download this plan unless you have all the mods listed and are comfortable with multiple download locations. If you enjoy building and decorating, you likely have many of these already.

Why this plan is level three: 

Sometimes, it’s just easier on the playthough to have fewer city plans leveling all at once. And because I’ve played SS2 for a while, I’m trying to set up my own playthroughs to run a little smoother. You might like that too.

What happened to the 20-mod list? 

My MODestly Settled plans require 20 mods, so I thought I’d trim that list a bit for just a few plans with this specific theme. We’ll see how these turn out. This is the first. Not sure how many I’ll do. Probably 3-4.

What’s with the theme?
It occurred to me that lore would absolutely have a nightlife scene, but I wanted it to still be fun. This is my way of addressing the need without going too far down the rabbit hole. Ya know?

 This plan is survival playthrough friendly and has a refuge for the player.

To maintain a balance of nice and wasteland funky (and not completely bog down the workshop menu system), this mod list is what I came up with (there are four new mods marked with * for those who use my MODestly Settled plans):

Nexus Requirements 
Advanced Settlement Turret Set Wireless turrets with a tiny bit of OP, but no wires. You’re welcome.
Alex’s Settlement Power Pylon Settlement-wide radiant power. No wires or poles. Less issues with the grid.
Colored Workshop Lights *Helps create the vibe. 
CvC Dead Wasteland My go-to, vanilla-style mod.
Kamuro Neon *Just need it for these plans.
Settlement Activity Markers These provide more things for settlers to do (in addition to some important assets)
Snappy Housekit Sometimes I use it a lot, but I always use it a little.
Stained Glass Workshop Mod - Unicorn Farts and Godrays. 

**Singing Settler for Singing Settler Version - READ the article!!

CC Requirements Yes. It’s worth it. Gain amazing workshop items with mod listed below!
Neon Flats *This link is to the wiki to read more if you haven’t seen it. Download within FO4. Requirements (Essentials)
Do it Yourshelf If you haven’t been using this for ages, you should!
Neon Flats Workshop *It’s CC dependent (see above), but it just needed to be on the list

Off-Site Requirements 
CWSS Choose the file from Steve40s Nexus Page 
V’s Stylish Decor Download at bottom of page.

Location MOD REQUIRED: Hangman's Alley Deep Clean and Removable Shack - as such, this plan is an esp file but will NOT use a slot.

You’ll want to have Designer’s Choice and Starting Plot Levels ON for these plans to build as designed. You can absolutely customize this plan by using only the add-ons you prefer, but there are two that really need to be installed (see below). I do consider this list essential - and it is the same list for my MODestly Settled Plans and most of my contest entries.

Sim Settlements 2
Sim Settlements 2 - Chapter 2
Workshop Framework

SS2 Addon - Bare Essentials
SS2 - Settlers at Play
Sim Settlements 2 - Junk Town 2 Addon Pack
SS2 Superstructures - A Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack    
Jampads 2 - a Sim Settlements 2 Add-on
Sim Settlements 2 - Pra's Random Addon 2 
Vault-TecTools Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack
Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack Caravan Snatex
Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack
Sim Settlements 2 - Far Harbor Expansion
Sim Settlements 2 - From Sanctuary to Concord - Building Plans Module
Sim Settlements 2 - Tiny Living
Plain Plans by MsB - SS2 Add-On Pack (absolutely necessary for this plan)
Sim Settlements 2 - So I Made Plans Addon Pack (absolutely necessary for this plan)
SS2 Support Structures of the Wasteland (Add-on Pack)
SS2 Industrial Revolution of the Wasteland (Add-on Pack)
SimHomestead 2 - A SimSettlements 2 addon
Sim Settlements 2 - Ruined Homes and Gardens 2.0
Sim Settlements 2 - Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack
Sim Settlements 2 Scrappers 

I want to thank Kinggath and the Sim Settlements 2 team for filling my secret gaming life with thousands of hours of fun and adventure! And a special thank you to that bunch of scrappy builders and kind moderators over at We Are Builders.

Location MOD REQUIRED: Hangman's Alley Deep Clean and Removable Shack - as such, plan is an esp file but will NOT use a slot.

Singing Settler Version: Read the Article and ensure you add the two additional mods

The following plot types are included at level 3: 

3 Agri, 4 Comm, 1 Indust, 1 Martial, 3 Muni, 1 Rec, 8 Res    

Plus 3 vanilla (cVc) guard stations and vanilla plants for 1 settler. 18 Jobs, 18 beds
Caravan = 2 settlers, Bathroom plot = 2 settlers

: Every res plot is a two-settler plot except for one 3 settler plot and one 4 settler plot. You’ll want to ensure you have the two add-ons marked ‘necessary’ in order to have the correct number of beds. 
Highly Recommend using the Magnolia, and extra dance markers from Settlement Activity Markers. I put 'Booty Shake' on the stage and the others around the pole (see end of video). 

Note: Inevitably, in all city plans, minor issues arise some of the time with no clear consistency. There are just so many scripts. 

  • Power likes to break. I usually start with one generator and Alex’s settlement power pylon. Check that connection first. 
  • If you see plots with no power, Start by grabbing any plot displaying the unpowered icon and then let it go - to snap back into place. This resets the plot and usually forces it to find the radiant power. 
  • Rarely, you might want to throw in some direct power. You can always use the mod, Very Small Generators and place as needed.

Sometimes plots don’t build as intended. Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason beyond the obvious: 
  • You may not have the plots unlocked and if the plan got stuck, you won’t be able to build the correct plot.
  • I’m afraid the only way to get a plot you don’t yet have unlocked is to cheat and load all of the plot types. You can drop a desk and find it there in the console. tools/cheats/etc.

Because I use these plans myself, I still like to sprinkle in little touches on each playthrough. Here’s a few that didn’t make my MODestly Settled list:

Art Connoisseur System - A Framework Love this mod and you will too (oodles of pictures, calendars).
Boston Natural Surroundings I just love the new beta. I’ll worry about Winter next year.
Climbable Ladders So cool.
Lighting Series - All In One I don’t play without it.
Not Your Average Neon Bethesda.Net mod. Neon Awesomesauce 
Settlement Repair Bot The bot repairs your damaged turrets and stuff while you’re away
Settlement Tidy Bot Undertaker bot that cleans up those pesky dead bodies
V’s Books Retexture - Changes all book covers in game. Great way to improve the vanilla clutter assets.
Want More? Look at Damanding/CrayonKit’s Settlement Building Mods Guides 
A bit of advice here: Don’t go nuts! Be choosy about what you add to your modlist.
Best of PC: 
Displays & Collectibles: 

UNDRCVR Simply Settled Fairline Outpost Contest Entry Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Nahant RR Eta Outpost Requires 19 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Abernathy Outpost Requires 19 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Jamaica Plain Outpost Requires 18 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses Starlight Requires 18 Mods
UNDRCVR Guns 'N Roses RR Player Home Layout 
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge Jamaica Plain - Requires 13+ Mods
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Taffington Boathouse - Requires 13+ Mods
UNDRCVR Midnight Refuge at Hangman's Alley - Requires 13+ mods
UNDRCVR MODestly Settled Plans 2023 - Require 20 mods
UNDRCVR Simply Settled City Plans 2022 - Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR MODestly Settled City Plans 2022 - Require 20 mods
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Mechanist's Lair - Contest Finalist! Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Nuka Rocket Hotel - Contest Entry Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Graygarden - Contest Winner! Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Castle - Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
UNDRCVR Simply Settled Greentop - Contest Finalist! Vanilla + SS2 Add-ons
Many thanks to Motion.Made for the YT vid: