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These are from my SS1 savegames here:

Permissions and credits
These saves are based on Eldarth's savegame found here at: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30237?tab=description
I have added Vault 88 by completing the quest, both to make it available to design a city and to add the slot machines etc. to the workshop that the quest enables - but scrapped as little as possible in activating all sector workshops.
I have gone to Far Harbor and taken ownership of two of the settlements, the other two required doing the associated quest in order to have the fog condensers appear.
I have gone to Nuka-World and taken ownership of the Red Rocket workshop there by doing the Open Season quest and restoring power.
In order to have artillery able to build in the workshop, and to clear the castle of all mirelurk debris (can't be scrapped) I have done the Old Guns quest.
I have done the quest at Bunker Hill for Kessler that gives you the Caravan Trading Post in the workshop.
I have cleared settlements of ghouls etc. please inform me if I have missed any.

The character name is "City Builder", perks to enable all workshop items have been added and the picket fences
magazines too.  No crafting materials or caps have been added.  All S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s have been maxed. Overseer Barstow has been left in Vault

Download the 7z file manually, unzip and place the files inside in your Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves directory - if you use a different
saves directory use that instead.
Select ' load' then use 'T' to select a character.  You should see a character called 'City Builder' or maybe 'City Builder (M)', select her and the saves should be there.
Note that the zipped files have a number of spaces followed by digits, this is to make the save show up under the City Builder name.  If it doesn't then select 'Show All Saves'.
There are three saves:
one, called 'SS2_guns' is just all the settlements claimed etc. with the old guns quest completed,
the second one, called SS2_guns_quests, has all the SS2 quests completed as well - though this shouldn't be necessary if you use the SS2 holotape to unlock everything,
the third, called SS2_guns_quests_settlers, then moves all the settlers obtained doing the SS2 quests to Mirkwater, this includes Stodges group and also the Concord group.  I had to use console commands to make a few 'unmovable' NPCs moveable.  I also cheated on the 'Who can ASAM' quest in order to avoid creating a city at Taffington Boathouse which is where I sent Stodges group!

In setting the Old Guns quest stage using the console a few other quests were autostarted and some finished:

Sanctuary (finished)
Returning the Favor
Taking Independence (finished)
Jewel of The Commonwealth
Troubled Waters
Mechanical Menace (for Automatron owners)
When Freedom Calls (finished)

One possible problem for city designers at The Castle is the fact that items may have moved during the quest play, affecting the baseline for The Castle - esp. for players using All Settlements Extended which moves the border towards where the test artillery shots are fired.
Also of course, in the first save, there are now Minutemen walking around The Castle and at Sanctuary the Concord mob are milling around possibly messing with the initial state of the settlement.

This savegame will probably break your game if you try to do an ordinary playthrough with it.  It is here for Sim Settlements 2 City Designers using Sim Settlements 2 who wish to have untouched settlements as a base for their designing.