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Home Plate Slowcum's Joe

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Home Plate Slowcum's Joe

Requirement: "Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack" from the Creation Club, 
Sim Settlements 2, and Yagisan's Home Plate Settlement

Known issues during test:
Some of the ceiling lights don’t light (sometimes).
Had to force levels. Wait a couple days before forcing levels. I’ve been told it could mess up the build if done too quickly.
Here is the console code to force a level:     cqf SS2_CityPlanManager TestCityUpgrade
A tire and street cone were overlooked during scrap. You may need to manually delete if that happens to you.
You may get some floating candles (delete or move) if you get different plots than I originally chose.
You may need to manually assign a settler to the bed by the bathroom. Otherwise, it might not build.

This build was an unofficial contest challenge. I was under restrictions on what I could do. 
I had to place two regular size plots. That’s why they go outside the walls. I couldn't use 1x1 plots.

Need one settler. Beds for three.
No water or food.

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